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Origin must be outside of what is?

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  • Dick.
    Origin must be outside of what is? [ But suffice it to say that if there is an originator it must be independent of its creation. ] Why must it? Moreover,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2012
      Origin must be outside of what is?

      [ But suffice it to say that if there is an originator it must be
      independent of 'its' creation. ]

      Why must it? Moreover, what IS `creation'? It implies that
      something was brought forth from nothing. Where is the evidence let
      alone the experience of that? Who was around when there was some-when to
      affirm that there was nothing? This is all man made idiocy. And as for
      all the stuff found in time and space then when was it done? It
      isn't done. It is changing all the time. It is never done. Seems
      that humanity must have its beginnings and endings because life as we
      know it here has a beginning and an ending of lives here, and we see
      things coming and going. Except taxes of course.

      Now, does every human being come up with these ideas or have they been
      inculcated into them? Moreover, who is to say that even time itself has
      a beginning and an end? Who KNOWS that it has? To say that all things
      must have an originator that does not exist within all that it is, is
      one thing (and unjustified though it be) but to then go on to give this
      imaginary thing humanlike qualities is the stuff of either morons or
      vested interests.

      However, let us speculate that time did have a beginning, then that in
      itself would not imply that it has an end. Also, keeping with the
      speculation then why should not the essence of that which becomes
      manifest in time remain within it concealed – buried in the stuff?
      To rise and arise again?

      But yes, it does seem to me that this thing they keep banging on about
      all the time (the physical universe) does NOT contain its own causation.
      Thus it came from something else before it – deep within all the
      stuff. Moreover, what is physicality and `matter' when it is not
      being observed? There is far more than the hard universe. And the hard
      universe is not hard it is all in flux. This is all observation of the
      five physical senses. I have other senses too. Does not everybody else?
      I would certainly not dream of negating the five external senses. Nor
      the other ones either. Seems to me that people were bambuzzeled by myths
      for a long time and now they are becoming bambuzzeled by maths. I steer
      clear of it all mate. Here we go round the myths and maths on a cold and
      frosty morning. All together now, sing along with it :- )))

      Conscious life is the dominant face of the coin of mind and matter. The
      soft stuff endures and the hard stuff melts away. Hey, even a hard
      problem is not hard when it is solved ;- ) I will guarantee you here and
      now that you will never ever lay a finger on eternity. I will guarantee
      you this too – Only that which is not made in time can transcendent
      time. I know, for I did it. Will I ever do it again? Who cares, I
      don't. Once was enough. It must have been an undercooked potato.
      Religion has fucked up the human mind, and science cannot mend it. Poor
      humpty dumpty eh. But minds seem to be a tough cookie and some seem to
      still work fine. Best not look for what ISNT; look for what IS. They
      might be surprised by what they find.


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