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Regarding the Ground of Being?

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  • Dick.
    Regarding the Ground of Being? [ Thanks for your feedback. Yes I am a Muslim of sorts, but in the sense that I believe through investigation of nature,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2012
      Regarding the Ground of Being?

      [ Thanks for your feedback.

      Yes I am a Muslim of sorts, but in the sense that I believe through
      investigation of nature, personal experience and the assessed experience
      of others that there is an intelligence that originated matter and
      energy within pre-existing 'objectless space'. We can call this the
      Ground of all Being. In this sense this Ground of all Being is not a
      thing because a thing implies a location in space but that Ground of
      Being is literally that space - one can call it Imaginative or conscious
      space - the ultimate unitary reality. One can also call this a Person.
      But of course when humans think of person we immediately think of
      something of a limited spatial nature. We can call this Ground of Being
      an entity but then again as humans we then tend to give 'it' spatial
      limitations. If we call it "It" then we tend to make it something
      non-conscious. So language is a problem. If we call 'it' God then we can
      also run into a whole baggage of problems because of the connotation of
      'God' - i.e. all those images of the Catholic church or Spanish
      Inquisition (think of the brilliant Monty Python skits!) of the
      illogicality of calling humans God incarnates etc. But suffice it to say
      that if there is an originator it must be independent of 'its' creation.

      Usually, if one group wants to control others they usually create 'us'
      vs. 'them' mentalities from which to control the flock; it is known from
      basic psychology that a perceived threat causes cohesion, but this is
      manipulated cohesion and has shaky foundations. So very early on in
      human history this device to control others was used to create discord,
      because the 'elites' of the time profited. Anyone who opposed them was
      ridiculed or eliminated. Unfortunately this 'game' created a devastating
      legacy in Europe with Two World wars (not that Europe had been in peace
      before that). It is however usually the case that the masses suffer.
      Over the last three hundred years or so the Intenational Bankin cartel
      had a hand in all this and they are certainly not worshipping God but
      are something else!

      But never be in despair: The most important point is to keep ones
      thinking cap on at all times. Do not and never be manipulated by any
      temporal and transient influences and powers that be: you are are a
      being that was issued forth from a creative source, from an everlasting
      consciousness and will likewise go to realms that no eye has seen, no
      ear has heard and that which is beyond the ken of human imagination...
      This is all true and will indeed happen and is not a 'fairy tale'. It is
      only a matter of time.

      I hope that you all have a good holiday season. Peace! Nadeem Haque ]

      There are those who prognosticate that human experience is irrelevant.
      There are others who think of it as some sick joke. And there are others
      who think what knows everything. I must be one of a rare breed for all
      I have is conscious experience. But I have found it to be grand, and
      have thus enjoyed it. But it seems to be a taboo to say that. Nobody has
      ever tried to manipulate my mind or tell me what do to. And if they had
      then they would have regretted it. But nobody did. AS for beliefs or
      disbeleifs they have never been a part of my package. I live one day at
      a time and experience that one day at a time and take what comes.
      Through the sum of my life experience there have never been any gods or
      demons on the scene. KNOWING, to me, is direct experience of something.
      So I have no idea what it is like to be somebody else. So there is no US
      or WE. They all seem to be different to me, and they must speak for
      themselves just as I do. There is nothing stopping them, and there is
      nothing stopping me. If they tell me that they believe in this and that
      and they don't believe in this and that, then I hear what they say
      and walk on. I don't believe in anything and never have. I take
      existing it as it comes; one day at a time. Some days have been hyper
      enjoyable and some less so. I have never ever harmed anybody and nobody
      has ever harmed me. So what is there to complain about? Nothing. On just
      two occasions I have had an entanglement with two human beings, like
      action at a distance. They came into my life and added a zing.
      Experience sublime. They made my pulse beat faster, and hence from a
      distance they had an effect on my heart pump. It lifted daily life
      experience into another mode of being, and it was very good. I can
      describe what they looked like, how they acted, what they said, and the
      effect which it had on me. Easy. Likewise I can describe the places I
      went to and the effect which they had on me. And it is all stored in

      As for OUT of the World experiences (when the world was not there) then
      I have described them too, and how I felt about it. As for the Ground of
      Being that was a place. A place I went to. I can describe the journey to
      it and I can describe the place; and what it was like and how I felt
      about it. There were no gods or demons or life creators there. But those
      who have met gods are welcome to describe them to me. It all carries
      implications. But I have no interest in implications. A few people have
      told me that they went there too. If they did then they did, if they did
      not then they did not. Who cares either way. I don't believe them
      and I don't disbelieve them. I hear what they say and walk on.
      Believing seem to be some kind of sickness or crutch. I can still walk
      on without a crutch. I can also envisage a much better world than this
      is, in so far as what people have made it to be. But that world does not
      exist. Not yet, if ever. It could exist. But it doesn't exist. It
      would exist if they made it exist. But they don't want it. So, too
      bad eh. They will reap what they sow. I don't care. I have to get
      on with living life here for it is too good to miss, and time is nearly
      up for me. What comes next, if anything, then I don't know. If more
      comes then I will know, and if it doesn't then I will not know. One
      day at a time is fine by me. There are implications of what is to come.
      But implications do not interest me. What is happening NOW interests me.
      And I have some say in that. But to all those who have gods, demons,
      fairies, masters guiding them, goblins, little people, then bloody good
      luck to the lot of them. The only path I know is from the day I arrived
      here to the day I leave it, and I take it one day at a time. Tis about
      as much as I can cope with. But it has never presented any great problem
      to cope with; and what an adventure it was to be sure. I am very
      grateful for that.

      Dick Richardson 1938 - ?

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