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Acquired Understanding?

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  • Dick.
    Acquired Understanding? Not a question from somebody else this time, but simply one which I offer as food for thought, and maybe investigation where possible.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2012
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      Acquired Understanding?

      Not a question from somebody else this time, but simply one which I
      offer as food for thought, and maybe investigation where possible. The
      question regarding the mystery of Acquired Understanding
      (Comprehension). Pump in; What is understanding, into your web browser
      and see what you find.

      In normal daily life we acquire information, data, from the world around
      us and also of course from society itself. Language for example is
      acquired from society. Society also propagates ideas much like the
      workings of an invisible world wide web. But anyone who has ever done
      any teaching knows full well that we cannot pass on understanding. One
      can easily pass on almost infinite bytes of information, data, and
      ideas. But nobody can make anybody else understand it. So where does it
      come from and how does it work?

      For what it seems to be worth I have mentioned so many times that vast
      volumes of information are not worth a jot if it is not understood and
      then implemented (used). The same too goes for information received from
      direct first hand living conscious experience. What good is it if it is
      not understood and not used? That too of course is not something which
      somebody else can give you. What point in living for a hundred years if
      a hundred years of living experience is not understood and then used? To
      understand just one thing is far more important and effective than to
      have a trillion libraries of data.

      So, unless Understanding, and the process thereof, is understood then
      one is faced with a mystery. Do you understand understanding and the
      process of how it works; and what it is exactly which understands? I
      don't know how it works. But I find it fascinating. But I do know
      that it works and also what it is that understands.

      The fascinating aspect arises in being aware that we are a part of
      something bigger than our individual self (the Observer). But WHAT?
      What kind of thing and what IS IT? Understanding does not come from
      anything beyond that which is the sum of all things and all processes,
      so it comes from within it. It comes from that which we are all a part

      For whatever it is worth mentioning I have mentioned about the phenomena
      of individualised consciousness in its Ground of Being, and described
      what it is like. Also mentioned that it understands. But it also knows
      and understands that it is a part of something bigger than itself there.
      And that while there THAT understanding is sufficient. But it does not
      understand as to what it is a part of. Don't you find that
      interesting and mysterious? I do. However, HOW is that understating
      understood? How did it get there? How is that understanding acquired?
      And from what? Yes, I know it is acquired from being there. But how?

      People talk about the mysteries of the Perennial Questions. Fine,
      nothing wrong with that. But the mystery which I have mentioned here is
      not a perennial question; and that Understanding is not found in time.
      It is not a temporal understanding. So, if you, like me, enjoy getting
      your head around mysteries then might I suggest that one? And I still
      maintain that there will always be mystery. And that Mystery seems to be
      a far better invisible attractor than the Known. The mystery sucks you
      in to itself, for those who are willing to go: whereas knowledge does

      Dick Richardson

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