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D.J’s Bankers and Bushiness Cartels

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  • Dick.
    D.J s Bankers and Bushiness Cartels Don t be too hard on the two silly Australian D.J s for they are just devoid of intelligence and human decency. I am dammed
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2012
      D.J's Bankers and Bushiness Cartels

      Don't be too hard on the two silly Australian D.J's for they are
      just devoid of intelligence and human decency. I am dammed sure that
      there was no real malice and intent of harm in them – for they are
      not clever enough for that; they are far too dumb. But they will have
      to live with that for the rest of their lives. That is punishment enough
      and sooner them than me. So, people like that just need a good
      education. And life and society will give them that sure enough. Nor was
      there any need for the nurse to kill herself ( IF that is what
      happened). But obviously she felt guilty and presumably could not live
      with that. Guilt is a killer, as is remorse. Very sad case indeed. There
      are no winners here; for everyone loses. And the world has lost a good

      But as most people know well enough, and as Nadeem pointed out, Bankers
      and International Business Cartels ARE intelligent and they do know what
      is going on and they do know how to operate. Just as did Priestcrafty
      Politics in days of old. But what does society do about them? NOTHING !
      They are too scared to do anything. I am not. There are others who are
      not. But not many alas. But not ALL bankers and Businessmen are shite
      hawks. You find shite hawks in all walks of life and in all nations and
      all villages and in all past times. And perhaps for a long time yet to

      Nadeem is a Muslim (of sorts). I am not. He is also a monotheist of
      sorts. I am not. Salam was a Muslim of sorts. But his great love was
      also TRUTH. So is mine. BUT you have to find out what it is and where it
      is found. You must not invent it. I was very surprised to hear than
      Nadeem's religion's profit said that what Humanity is based upon
      cannot be seen by the physical eye, nor heard by the ear, nor touched
      with the physical hand and could not be navigated to by the rational
      mind of man. I wonder where he heard that one from. It also shook me
      many years ago when I first read it somewhere. For it is true. So some
      people have known it too.

      The BIG problem with ALL religions is that they have got some bits of
      truth in them. BUT NOT A LOT. So best dump them all and start looking
      for yourself. In so doing you might find your SELF. And in so doing you
      will simultaneously know from whence it comes. THEN you will know. The
      only problem then is that you have to USE it. But you cannot know this
      by way of men and books. Hearing OF IT is not knowing it. And if you
      only hear it then you can DOUBT IT. (and rightly so) But you cannot
      doubt it when you KNOW IT.

      Tell you a funny thing that you may never have considered. Have you ever
      thought of music as being a war? Sounds daft doesn't it. But it is
      a war of trying to bring something OUT of SILENCE. Trying to SAY
      something that needs to be said. So, it is a war against SILENCE. Why
      do you weep at a good song or a good piece of music? Or even a good
      story or a good movie? Something is reaching you isn't it. And it
      works. Were it not done then it would remain in SILENCE. Where I come
      from it is VERY SILENT. I brought something out from there. So will you.
      THAT which is needed here. From Eternity for this Purpose. Before you
      say that we are self sufficient, then know that SELF of yours which
      exists in Eternity. For you are based upon it. You will get a fuller
      picture then. From SILENCE I came. And to it I must now return. Have a
      good and worthwhile journey. Life here can be grand if they let it be.
      So, LET IT BE. It isn't hard. Even a kid can do it. And even in the
      midst of war.

      Dick Richardson

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