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The war

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  • William
    Thanks ,Dick, your accounting of WW2 has a personality that the documentaries and movies do not capture. The World at War series was good as it used
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2012
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      Thanks ,Dick, your accounting of WW2 has a personality that the documentaries and movies do not capture. The "World at War" series was good as it used footage I had not seen,grainy old film that seemed very acurate. The men that served from this area were hailed as heros and my uncle was a Marine who lived above a service bar. There were war stories a plenty there . The Vets were a tough lot and intra service fights were often fought. The marines and Navy were always fighting. I knew many Army vets in the National Guard. By that time they were storied out and were eclipsed by the Korean conflict. The guys from that action still had their combat skills and training with them was a learning experience. I was in during Nam and that was a mess as no one really knew what we were doing there or why. Service personell were hated back then and wearing a uniform was often unpleasant.
      I begin to think of it as one war that just flares up over and over. It has certainly intruded in all our lives to a great extent. I will say they seem to be getting smaller but not shorter. The deployments here are so long that the soldiers come home senior citizens. They are very specialised and dog faces are rare. I helped induct the last of that sort for Nam. Most were simple guys that did not want to go. When they came home they were not heros,they were spat on and the places they hid out were bitter drinking holes full of desparate, sad men.
      It seems you were in one of those in between generations as you were too young to fight but alive enough to die. That it was a win or die situation makes it a desparate world that we have not seen since our civil war. You tried us on in 1812 but no one had an army up to conquering a continent. The battle of New Orleans showed what a irregular force of game shots could accomplish against a regular Army.
      I can see the attempt to bring traditional war down to police actions with robots doing the killing and high intelligence levels cutting short terrorist and revolutionary uprisings. This could last for generations and the old freedoms will be eroded by surviellance of all sorts . I suppose it is a better trade off from wholesale bombing you experienced.
      Thats where I think your stories have effect. If the young can see what horrors they are avoiding it may be easier for them to abide with intrusions in their lives, the pat downs,the cameras, the fly overs. At least it is not raining death like you experienced when they bombed out your very home. Thanks ,Bill
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