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Brains on legs and the happy button?

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  • Dick.
    Brains on legs and the happy button? [ I had to smile Radio Merlin : )) So, the theory goes, if we could close down all incoming signals into the pond and shut
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2012
      Brains on legs and the happy button?

      [ I had to smile Radio Merlin : )) So, the theory goes, if we could
      close down all incoming signals into the pond and shut out the outside
      world then maybe this type of meditation or that type of poppy mixture
      might cause the mystical experience which they all seem to want. You say
      that you have never meditated or taken in poppy mixture, is that right?
      As an idealistic boy did you have any idea of what you wanted to be or
      do when you grew up? ]

      That is correct sir, I have never meditated and never ingested mind
      altering drugs. Had a dose of morphine administered once many years ago
      owing to a very bad pain in the chest, and it soon cured it. But I am
      told that all these drugs which press their happy buttons also stop
      their happy buttons from working naturally and they then need more and
      more happy powder otherwise they get the deep blues. What a sad state of
      affairs eh. But that is their choice so good luck to them.

      But no, I DO NOT know what causes the transcendent mystical experience.
      But there are millions out there who will tell you how to get the
      mystical transcendent experience ;- ) However, those who claim to know
      don't seem to know the mystical experience :- )) So it sure is fun
      watching it all isn't it. But I see no reason why it should seem odd
      that we come to know what we are and where we come from. More odd if we
      don't it seems to me. This is why they get cross with me because I
      talk about these things but I cannot tell them where to buy it :- )))
      But the natural world out there presses my happy buttons well enough. I
      have found far too many things which press my happy buttons. Perhaps I
      have too many of them and they are easily tripped. Personally I have
      found that all the known triggers exist out there in the natural world.
      As for the shutting out of the outside world then when that happens I
      fall asleep :- )

      I find the outside to be a good teacher and I love studying it all –
      as well as the inside. But I guess I did the inside first. But where
      that takes you to is not about being happy. It is about something more
      important than that. And no powders were used I can assure you. As for
      happy buttons then you don't know what presses them until they have
      been pressed. What comes natural is fine by me. Yeah, I guess brains
      need legs eh :- ) Mine ain't too good these days and I don't get
      around much any more for the last six months :- )) The energy is still
      there but it ain't reaching the feet too well. The channel seems to
      be blocked up and it is not out-sourcing too well. But never mind; been
      there done that. There are other things to do in the Greenwich mean
      time. Especially watching :- )) And I am the Watcher from the Gates of

      But you know how it is here don't you, most of them are more
      interested in watching the economy and too busy watching the stock
      markets than they are in watching life and living it. Maybe that is why
      they are like what they are like. And you need legs to get to the money
      dispenser. I like my world best. The weather forecast here is for two
      consecutive sunny days. That will dry the sods out a bit.

      No, I had no idea what I wanted to be or to do when I was little, and I
      still don't; so maybe I have not grown up yet :- ) I think that
      aiming to be something is very limiting. That is why the mystic life is
      exciting for you don't know where you are going next. But life has
      been good and very mysterious. But unlike gurus and religionists I will
      stick with what I know from experience thus far. So, from there, then
      into the unknown I commit my whatever :- )))

      Dick Richardson

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