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A new vantage point

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  • William
    With retirement very close I will change life style . I will be doing the house work and the shopping. I will also have more time to write. I am beginning to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2012
      With retirement very close I will change life style . I will be doing the house work and the shopping. I will also have more time to write. I am beginning to sit viewing cable TV with a lap top in hand. I have the ability to view and react to the world as it happens. It is a neat perspective that I am just beginning to appreciate. The upcoming budget wars are all the rave and they seem important to Americans and to a lesser degree the rest of the world. The British news is dominated by the pregnancy of a royal. I see it as a pleasant anachronism and find severe morning sickness something news worthy. It is odd that an ancient system of governance should propel us into contemplation of the woes and joys of childbirth.
      I will also be cooking more. That will be a true adventure as I have some rudamentary idea of how to proceed. Here at the beginning shoping and cooking seem daunting but leaving the scourge of business behind seems worth the challenge. Last night I had a success with a simple roast beef and potatoes. I have been told I am to excitable as a shopper and I must learn to slow down. As I will soon begin an exercise program perhaps my excess energy will burn off and I will begin to slow down. It is a new challenge that I have never faced and feel most unequipped for.
      Seventy six countries use the drone type that Iran says it has captured. The Scan Eagle drone is built by Boeing and we say USA has no missing drones. Iran seems a part of a separate world. Even the muslim world sees them as odd and separate. They are the most spied on nation in the world and their paranoia is huge. I cannot count the number of countries who want Iran bombed or invaded or sanctioned. Think of trying to live in an isolated place under constant threat from your own and outside governments. The recent defection of the north Korean who was raised in a concentration camp really shocked me. I had no idea such places and people still exist. Two of Bushes axis of evil still exist with Iraq now in some kind of limbo as a nation. Most say it is better than Saddam but still not good. The progress toward democratic world order creeps on and I know I will be long dead before it is accomplished.
      So from my new vantage point and reformed life I am in some ways more alone but in others more connected. I should be happy for the chance to build a third existance. The preparitory and work portions are over and a new future is waiting. I agree with Dick that there are three parts of life for a person lucky enough to live long. I hope he lives longer as I like his sounding board even if he screams at me and calls me names. As to Mary she has long been a joy and I apologise for negative things I have said to her in the past.I hope my slowing down will make me less abrasive and mean. Bill
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