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  • Dick.
    Mystique? [ You say that you are Celtic and Mystique. So here is a retirement present for you Merlin. Hope you enjoy it. And many thanks, and have a pleasant
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2012

      [ You say that you are Celtic and Mystique. So here is a retirement
      present for you Merlin. Hope you enjoy it. And many thanks, and have a
      pleasant Yuletide. What do you think of as the land of your soul; Exmoor
      or Eternity? Also follow some of the links on the right if you get time.
      Are you familiar with the Clarinet Concerto by Mozart, it is perhaps my
      favourite piece of music. If so what does it remind you of? I really
      like the new group picture you have put up there sir, it must be the
      best yahoo group home picture. Keep the archive group open if you can. ]

      Many thanks for the music links ma'am, I will do; and seasonal greetings
      to you too. The Picture? My wife sunbathing, taken with my old box
      Brownie camera :- ) Actually it is one of those cyber space art pictures
      which does the rounds. Very nice isn't it. I call it `Sculpture'. The
      human body in its prime condition is an amazing sculpture and work of
      engineering isn't it. Perhaps only rivalled by kittens and butterflies.
      The picture is only up there temporarily however, and the other one will
      go back there soon.

      I have had a CD of one of the tracks you sent for a few years now –
      and which has the Return Again track on it: and very nice too. The land
      of my soul and choice? Exmoor ma'am. The land from whence I came?
      Eternity. Same as the rest of us. There and not two Grounds of Being.
      But what we become here while travelling in time, and to where we each
      reach to, depends on many factors; and it all gets rather complex –
      and with doses of `weird stuff' in the mixing bowl of life :- ) For some
      millennia now there have been those, who for their own vested reasons,
      strive to suppress data and information of all sorts of things; and
      there have been those who strive to liberate and disseminate it. The
      former type do not suppress it they simply hold the process up for a
      while and so it takes longer. The Celtic spirit is one of adventure,
      learning, and getting things done. It will not be stopped or prevented
      from doing it. The days of whispering in the underground are long
      overdue to end don't you think? It will also shut the cackling gurus up
      too will it not, for they cannot compete.

      Yes, the Psychognosis archive group and the website can both stay up for
      as long as the group servers maintain such facilities. It serves its
      purpose. They will no doubt outlast me here :- ) and if they ever have
      any small impact then many such small movements can start an avalanche
      at a tipping point. Materialism does not fuel the furnace of the spirit
      or soul of Mankind for it is dead stuff, neither does the lie and make
      be-lief of religions substitutes for living life here. But the things I
      and others have told you here are real LIFE. That will lift everybody
      out of the doldrums in due course and the boat will move on o'er the sea
      of time and space with less of a handicap. I have not come here to die
      while I live here or to be buried alive ma'am. The new Mankind is
      coming. From Eternity for this purpose.

      The Clarinet Concerto? Yes I am very familiar with the Adagio, and it is
      fine indeed; but I am not so familiar with the first and third
      movements. It does not remind me of any event in my life, I just like
      the music. But I suppose it puts me in mind of strolling around a
      landscaped English garden alone on a quiet balmy summer afternoon.

      Many thanks Ma'am and best wishes, and seasonal greetings to you and

      Merlin of Exmoor


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