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Re: Cut the cord

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  • William
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 29, 2012
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary" <josephson45r@...> wrote:
      > About one month before the election Forbes published an article criticizing President Obama's use of the phrase, "Economic Patriotism." The author's arguments were so transparent and facile, they made me laugh.
      > Mary
      > Mary, A business philosophy and a general philosophy of life are not at all the same. One is a fantasy driven by bottom line profets, The other is a thought and felt way of life.The latter must inform the former and Romneys defeat demonstrates the voters desire to be led by a man of broad and sound philosophy not a grubbing corporate bandit. How often have we opted for a philosophy over a religion? Obama called on Romney for his business acumen but did not invite him into his administration. " Economic parriotism" is a term that is much bigger than bottom line business. The business rag Forbes is not equipped to handle such a concept. Romneys age of business is overthrown and trickle down is a plot exposed. We can show the world what Economic patritism can accomplish. Bill
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <vize9938@> wrote:
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      > > The obstructionist GOP is acting the petulant child and risks being cut from the body politique. Most people do not know who Grover Norquist might be. He is a political activist from the right. He is a lobbiest but has never held office. He is the ultimate straw man who has made a career of saying no to new taxes. Why the republicans listen to him and sign his pledge is because he fronts for the rich and says what they want said. He is the champion of supply side ,trickle down and as Mary said aristocratic rule.
      > > Now this child needs its mother but wants to rule her not visa versa. He wants the mother democracy to provide huge support for the right wing war machine. The infant wants huge tax breaks for big oil even though the reasons for those tax breaks are long gone. Big oil is wildly rich and needs no further tax advantage. Their coffers are bulging and yet their dividends remain miniscule. If they will not pay out to common stock holders than the government should tax it away and put it in social programs.
      > > So the child screams and kicks saying it will cost jobs if we cut defense. The wars are over and as in all conflicts the military must stand down when the conflict is over but the child refuses to heed history and cut defense spending. We routed those workers into defense jobs and now they must be rerouted into civilian enterprise. This is swords into plowshares and nothing has changed about this transition. But the child obstructs, digs in its heels and threatens the very life of the democracy. I say call their bluff, let them go to Mexico, let them go to Europe, let them go to hell if they wont play the role of the loyal opposition. Cut the cord and tie off the cash flow to the brat. Let them try to succeed from their country they are no longer fair players.Lincoln showed what that leads to and the rich are a much smaller block than were the southern rebels. Bill
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