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The far bigger picture of Life?

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  • Dick.
    The far bigger picture of Life? [ I was sitting wondering about the far bigger picture of the existence of life and wondering where it could get to over
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      The far bigger picture of Life?

      [ I was sitting wondering about the far bigger picture of the existence
      of life and wondering where it could get to over millions of years, or a
      hundred times further on that even that; where does it all end. If you
      have any ideas on this. Presumably this mystical experience of even
      knowing what we are at our root sheds no light on this question? Do you
      still feel that you are on a quest? ]

      No, it doesn't. Nor do I see any indication of a plan or blue print
      for a set destination. How could there be. I do see it making a blue
      print as it goes along so that where it has got to could be done again
      with more ease. And an end of one part is but a start of another. But
      as to some ultimate destination then that is an open book not a closed
      one. I see the life phenomenon as a striving, not something working to
      a pre planed end. Did fish, or whatever, have a plan when it crawled up
      on to the land? Did stone age people have a plan so therefore they
      invented Bronze and Iron and Agriculture? According to all the known
      evidence and carbon dating it took 2000 years for the agricultural way
      of life simply to move across this small Island. Think of all those
      generations of people. There was no sudden great change in anybody's
      life style, or societies. Can you envisage two thousand years time? I

      You and I here and now are tiny miniscule and transient speaks in all
      this. But we are a part of this process and we are life. You might well
      ask as to what is the point of a tiny part of a whole. But it is a
      bridge from one place to another isn't it. So, we do our bit here
      and now and move on; and a hundred million years time can take care of
      itself. Make tomorrow a bit better than today is and then we have
      achieved something. A new step ahead. All this mystical illumination
      bit is a good step into tomorrow and out of today. It is no greater leap
      than that. Life in such distant times will be nothing like this is. But
      don't ask me what it will be like :- ) Let us get through this
      century eh. And enjoying it is a bloody good reason for keeping it
      afloat. I get the feeling that if it ever reached a stage of `job
      done' then it would start all over again. And why not indeed. Better
      than nothing isn't it. As I say, the phenomenon of LIFE is like an
      explosion of flaming passion. Life does not quit. Now let me go to sleep
      will you :- ) Too old a knackered for all this now. Let the kids do it
      now, they are not here for nothing you know; and life is not an
      accident. Quest? Yes of course, the quest for what comes next. The
      next stage of the becoming process. Life does not arise again for
      nothing. Rise and rise again, like a Phoenix from the ashes.

      Existence and doing something beats nothing; and there is a long way to
      go yet. But after each new step things need to settle down a bit and
      adapt to that new step. One step at a time. Sounds like you are
      looking for an end when it has hardly begun yet. Perhaps you are more
      tired than I am :- ))) Life potential is about more than just this you
      know. Remember too that LIFE is the base or the sea and a lifetime is a
      wave or the melody flying high on top.


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