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Mystical Experience Infiltrating Cults?

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  • Dick.
    Mystical Experience Infiltrating Cults? [ When do you think natural mystical experiences, as it is talked about today, infiltrated into ancient cults and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2012
      Mystical Experience Infiltrating Cults?

      [ When do you think natural mystical experiences, as it is talked about
      today, infiltrated into ancient cults and mystery groups before a few of
      them came to dominate the world? ]

      THREE major problems to this question.

      This is impossible to say. And it is impossible for three major reasons.
      One of them being all the mythology and symbolisms which were common
      practice and modes of communication way back when, plus they all tend to
      merge and evolve anyway. The second reason being due to persecution and
      fear of talking openly by smaller sects in the face of larger ones, and
      hence all the secret sects codes and written symbols which came about
      because of it. But godmen have appeared in most of the well known ones
      and they are all much about the same story throughout recorded history.
      Also, this question of yours is never asked by society, historians,
      academics, or religionists. Nor is it asked by most of the castigators
      of religions. So I am wondering where you got it from. But never mind.
      But this brings us to the third problem – mystics. They too would
      have kept their trap shut and also used a private language of symbols
      for recognition of each other, while then talking in secret somewhere.

      So when somebody who has known the mystical transcendence and the Ground
      of Being Event comes to study history there isn't much to find.
      There is no one simple answer to that question, and even if there is an
      answer at all. But others will have to speak for themselves. But when I
      did it I was scanning for obvious signs of transcendent mystical
      experience. But it is not easy because of language and meaning change
      and also secrecy. And I must admit that I did not want to waste too much
      time on this academic question. So, on and off for about fifteen years.
      Pity one cannot go back to before the days of writing. But there you
      don't go :- )

      But some cults were obviously centred on psychic experiences and some on
      astrology and signs of the astronomical zodiac; and some were probably
      earth and fertility cults. There must have been many thousands of them
      all; and all different. And which is not good for organised state
      control and human unity :- ))) So ideally of course, according to cults,
      it would be far better if the world had but one cult and one godo to
      worship and prey to for whatever it is they prey for :- )

      What would be good would be to get a ten your old mystic who studied all
      this until he or she was eighty, and did nothing else, and see what they
      come up with. But I keep saying that there is no future in history. But
      I did find a few genuine mystical assertions, but not many, and I
      mentioned all that in the books. Sorry I could not be more help, but
      there is no simple answer to it, and it doesn't even matter anyway,
      it is totally academic. And Life is with us now. Forget all the
      religions and start looking at life for yourself NOW. Hey, there is
      another potential problem – Cults infiltrating into Mystical
      Experience and making a new religion :- )))) Don't let that happen.

      Dick Richardson

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