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Some Day?

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  • Dick.
    Some Day? [ Dedem. On another issue, this rather personal. Well everyone is first of concerned about his own and family even if one knows we are all from the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2012
      Some Day?

      [ Dedem.

      On another issue, this rather personal. Well everyone is
      first of concerned about his own and family even if one knows we are
      all from the same source. Some how I very much consider you a member of
      my very personal family, of course not biological, but why not if not.

      Please my question, as I do not want to call it worry is this. Where are
      you and all this flooding in England I get on the TV. I dont have a
      good map to look at. I sure hope you are safe and enjoying a great late
      autumn. Stay well DEDEM, as I am looking foward to meeting you some day
      and sooner than later.

      urs everly

      obi. ]

      Dear Obi, that is a very touching email, many thanks, it is an honour.
      Yes, I am pleased to report that we are all fine here thanks and have
      had no problems at all. A few local roads had some flooding in them for
      a while but they all seem to have gone. But many places had it very bad.
      It has been the wettest year for a hundred years, but occasional floods
      are common in Britain. There is a stream just across the lane that runs
      through this tiny hamlet and it runs into the nearest river about a mile
      from here, the Doniford Water. That has caused flooding in a few
      places. But the stream here goes under the road just a few yards from
      our gate. It was flooding the lane for a while and I put a marker stick
      up against our front wall to see if it was coming any higher, but it did
      not. So it did not reach our front of the house. The nearest large town
      to us is Taunton, fifteen miles to the south and east, and that had a
      lot of quite deep floods. You should at least find Taunton on the map,
      it is the County Town of the Shire of Somerset.

      One of my daughters has been down here for a week with her baby; they
      have just gone back to London tonight. The toddler wore me out and kept
      making me breathless from swinging her around and playing hide and seek
      all over the place. She is so funny and she seemed to have taken a big
      liking to me. I know how to talk baby talk you see :- )) I could not
      cope with a young kid now. She is a very bright spark however and so
      full of life and wanting to learn everything and do everything, and she
      loves the cats and dogs. Every time I walked in her face lit up :- ))

      Anyway, I think we are getting a three or four day break from rain in
      this area now. But the whole of the South West has had it bad; Somerset,
      Devon, and Cornwall. I don't think Dorset had it quite so bad so
      another of my daughters tells me who lives there. Wales has had it bad
      and parts of the Midlands and the North East of England, and Scotland
      too. I guess one day the Island will go back into the sea from whence it
      came :- ) But not yet. It was born near the South Pole and drifted up
      this way. The Island has been around more than I have :- ) But they do
      say that the powers that be saved all the best stuff for this Island. I
      have to agree with that. And the best of the best is in West Somerset; a
      paradise on earth. I have been so lucky. I know well enough that most
      people are not so lucky; I sure wish they were. But wishing does not
      make it happen alas.

      Yes, I would feel honoured to be thought of as one of your family. And
      would that all the world were one family. That would be a thing
      wouldn't it. Maybe, some day. But I will not be lucky enough to see
      that; I hope the grandchildren will. And if you are ever over this way
      in the very near future it would be nice to have a chat and jug of ale
      in a local Inn, you would be more than welcome. Say hi to your family
      for me. I have very little idea of what it is like where you live. I
      have never been much into travelling around, and never really had the
      chance to anyway. Been too busy plus I like it here. But I have read a
      lot. I will be doing some travelling soon, not sure when but it cannot
      be very long now :- ) Take care, be good, and I hope all goes well for
      you and your family. And hope sure springs eternal. It would be nice to
      come back sometime; but I don't know if that is on the cards. But if
      it was then I would make for here :- ))

      Sincere best wishes

      Dick Richardson

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