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Re: Dick the political neophite

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  • William
    ... I just took another step on my road to discover Lincoln. He is my most studied president and the show Lincoln gives an insight into the politician he
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 25, 2012
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Dick." <somerset_2@...> wrote:
      > A political novice? Well well eh fancy that. I too could read the
      > papers by the age of seven and listen to the world radio. Politics was
      > my very first interest at the age of three and along with psychology. I
      > studied both all my life; for seventy years. I was also a member of a
      > political party for a while – the British Communist Party. I joined
      > to find out what they were really like and they were great people and in
      > all walks of life. I was also much into the trade union movement at the
      > age of fifteen. But compared to you I am just a novice and just starting
      > out in it. You are a bloody clown at times grim William and you talk a
      > lot of shit which you know nothing about.
      > Dick Richardson
      >Dick, anyone who puts the communist party as a political cudo shows a political defecet of huge porportions.You just do not admit the most gross of mistakes and charge on with the banner of mistruth held high.
      I just took another step on my road to discover Lincoln. He is my most studied president and the show "Lincoln" gives an insight into the politician he was. The show deals primarily with the 13th amendment and the fight to change the constitution and end the Civil War. I have not been to a sold out theatre for many years and this matinee was sold out. Old people, it was full of old people. Walkers and canes and wheel chairs but no one left early. Here the old vote and the old still care deeply about the country. For me that is patriotism. Not the flag waving but the deep concern for the democracy and a desire to understand what it is and how it works. The presentation showed Lincoln as the pragmatist who took his oath to defend the constitution very seriously. He boiled it down to the fact that slavery was dividing the country on moral grounds, on human rights issues and the union would fail if the slavery issue was not settled. He had Grant settle it on the battlefield and he used all his huge political skill to settle the constitutional question. For his efforts they shot him. I have been to where he lived in Illinois, Where he practised law in Springfield, where he lived in the white house and where he was shot at Forbes Theatre. I have seen his death bed across the street from the theatre. I have read his writings in stone on the grand Lincoln memorial and visited his grave back in Illinois. Through all of that I could not grasp or understand the man. This movie put a great deal into perspective as I saw him as a man who used parables to teach and respected law especially the constitution as a framework for human order and progress. Lincoln sent millions to their graves to protect and defend Thomas Jeffersons constitution. All we old people in the theatre could leave with a look into the mind of a master leader. Lincoln got his thirteenth amendment he had Grant accept the surrender at Apomadox and shortly after it was all over with his assination. He had shown his great light and strength and was blown out like a tiny candle. I think all those who show up will get a look into this great man and learn about themselves and human freedom as a goal of this country. Bill
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <vize9938@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Dick says write what you know . He openly says he knows little and
      > cares less about politics. He should take his own advice and tone down
      > or do away with his insipid simplicities regarding democracy and
      > politics.
      > > I have read and studied politics and government from the time I could
      > read. At seven I could read and understand a news paper. I just read a
      > snyopsis of spending on our election .Romney, the rich guy,supported by
      > the rich outspent Obama especially in the expensive TV media. Even Dick
      > must know Romney lost. The people ferreted out the lies in his platform
      > and rejected him and his party. That is democracy in action not money in
      > action. The little people put a person back in office ahead of a multi
      > millionaire. It was women and the young that rejected the old white men
      > and their money. That is bloodless revolution,that is democracy. Read
      > the numbers Dick and learn what really happned before you sermonise
      > about that which you do not know. Bill
      > >
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