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re : Experience

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  • Tom J
    ... on ... Are you talking about reflex as distinct from conscious choice. Isn t the experience of this reflex immediate? Can t you experience your reaction?
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2000
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      > From: "Randy M. Zeitman" <randzman@...>

      > This also speaks to what an 'experience' is because I assert that an
      > 'experience' is a reaction without any thought. How I immediately react to
      > the cat jumping on my shoulders from behind is the experience, from then
      > it's a reaction. It's the reaction, the judgement of the event, is the
      > experience you speak of. Though you may react our of habit, it's also a
      > choice how you choose to evaluate the event.

      Are you talking about reflex as distinct from conscious choice. Isn't the
      experience of this reflex immediate?

      Can't you experience your reaction? Can't you also experience your
      evaluation? You can experience the making of a choice also can you not? I
      know I can. From my experience, the notion of "experience" seems a large
      abstraction but to my mind and from my experience, it's as real as any other
      factor of 'being'.

      My experience of evaluation is that is relies far too heavily on experience
      :-). I believe in god because it is a valid experience owing to my former
      experience, my evaluation of this experience, and the experience of

      That probably made no sense whatsoever and I find that quite amusing :-).
      What I'm bascially trying to say is that experience to me just seems like a
      constant symptom of consciousness. I speak merely from my experience
      however :-)

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