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Ref a Panacea for Suffering

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  • Dick.
    Ref a Panacea for Suffering As you started this small email group then it is right that you should finish it. I would just add this if I may. Those who find
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      Ref a Panacea for Suffering

      As you started this small email group then it is right that you should
      finish it. I would just add this if I may.

      Those who find the answer to this kind of suffering are not listened to
      and they never have been. It is seen as magic and mumbo-jumbo by the
      mob. And the two powers that be here, big multinational business and
      priestcraft, reinforce that massage into the their flock at every
      opportunity. As they have done so for a very long time. Those who find
      their eternal being and use it in every moment of their life here are
      seen as a laughing stock. Perhaps more so now than ever in the past and
      effecting billions of people all at the same time. Not just the local

      Despite all this however, the subtle forces active in Man are still
      seeping through on occasions. But stifled by many in fear of the
      unknown. And for obvious reasons inculcated into them. To be able to get
      the message across to billions all at that same time that one should
      allow these subtle forces to have their way on the rational discursive
      mind would make a big difference. But how is that to be achieved in this
      day and age?

      The mind of Man is wired up to its root, and wired up to understanding
      its place in the scheme of things while here in this life now. But this,
      if known, is not good for business. So what has changed in the last 5000
      years apart from the technological advances which make it even easier
      for the pied pipers to get their say across and using all the media

      But despite all that I am still optimistic. Optimistic in that when they
      reach the bottom of the barrel of nausea due to alienation and the silly
      pointless empty life style they will once again rise up. So my optimism
      is based upon misery. Plus knowing what they are. It is never too late;
      and no matter how bleak it may seem. Every human being is important, if
      they could find that which is important within them and then use it here
      and now. But they love fiction as a panacea, but this story is the one
      to surpass them all. And it is true. But getting that message across is
      not easy.


      a panacea for suffering <http://mail.yahoo.com/>
      Sunday, November 25, 2012 1:07 PM

      Those who have realized the essence of their being (their consciousness)
      is connected to the singular Ground of All Being which is their source
      and to which they will return from which other possibilities will arise
      have in a sense already reached their destination in this life and are
      at inner peace despite all the turmoil and madness in this world or this

      But to know this one must be awake (as all the sages of yesteryear had
      been saying all along but which has sadly mutated into our 'religions'
      that are largely controlled by elites of various types and kinds). Being
      awake one must not abandon listening and using our reason, but be alive
      to our experiences and honestly see the connections within ourself and
      the universe that point to this ultimate truth. Failing this, there are
      various levels of despair.

      Those who see the eternity of the moment, see eternity in the moment.


      Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2012 04:19:35 -0800
      From: dick.richardson@...
      Subject: Suffering in life?
      To: haque_nadeem@
      CC: drravi2121@ graham; smetham@ mystica@ ljan910@ drkellett@
      Miguel; mbanaei@ brown27@ tbelow@ editor@

      Suffering in life?

      [ What do you see as the reason for the major suffering in life? I do
      not mean the type of suffering if deprived of food and water but the
      more common suffering, even in wealthy countries, of not being happy.
      Life never living up to expectations? ]

      So you mean emotional suffering or a mental suffering then? Well, I have
      never personally known it. But nevertheless I feel that I could say
      something on this – from hindsight of other things. Wonderful ally
      is hindsight you know.

      It seems to me that it is due to a sense of disappointment. As you
      say, life not living up to expectations. But where did those
      expectations come from? I find such expectations to be justified, oddly
      enough. It all comes back to the love of ideals of perfection. How
      something SHOULD BE. But why do they have these feelings of how
      something should be? Is it silly? No. Far from it.

      What many do not seem to realise is that one is looking for perfection
      in the manifest form – Life on earth in a body. But they do not know
      that it is there in fact; a perfection in Essence, and which itself is
      not in Form. Yet they are connected to it and are from it. Hence why I
      say that feeling is justified. But they know nothing of a life in
      Essence, a transcendent part of their being. So they are alienated from
      it. And they go through their life here with that alienation from it.
      They are not consciously connected up to their SELF. But even though
      they are alienated from it in conscious terms they are not separated
      from it. For it is a part of their being. A part which they do not know
      the existence of. Yet it is working within them. Hence the feeling of

      So when they have these ideals of a perfect country or a perfect life
      here or a perfect marriage and prefect children and a perfect love life,
      a perfect romance, etc, they are disappointed because it is not all
      happening that way for them. Yet there is a longing for it. They are
      missing home but don't even know about such a part of them. So they
      are perpetually sad. Ever looking for something which they do not have.
      THAT is the difference between non mystics and mystics. The mystics are
      in conscious awareness of it. It isn't lacking. They are not
      alienated from it. So they live here a different way because of it. They
      are living in form but from the essence of their being. So, the
      questions are WHY are they alienated from it; and what can be done about
      that? Find the answers to those two questions and you will have erased
      the world's greatest problem. But don't ridicule them for
      feeling that way for it is totally justified. They are not silly, they
      are just aliened from their self and that aspect of life. So, try to
      help them in some way. But chances are they will not listen to you
      anyway. But some do occasionally; perhaps if they get desperate enough.
      This is also why so many of them buy into a religion for they think that
      is offering some kind of perfection. In so doing they get even deeper in
      the shit of nausea and paranoia; for they are offered all that in
      another life, not this one :- ))


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