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Dont write me into your paradigm

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  • Dick.
    Dont write me into your paradigm [ Dick says he is odd. I do not see him as any such thing. He thinks he will soon be gone and he would know more about that
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2012
      Dont write me into your paradigm

      [ Dick says he is odd. I do not see him as any such thing. He thinks he
      will soon be gone and he would know more about that than I. He, like me
      is not a believer but with time running out he looks to a home in his
      mysticism. I am happy he has a refuge although I do not understand it.
      He is being true to his life's prescriptions and that is not odd, I
      find it laudable. So his interest and actions are directed toward his
      view of life. I am studying peak oil theories and population
      demographics. I am still in
      this world and hope to be until my end. Bill Grim William. ]

      Don't write me into your paradigm William :- ) Rest assured that you
      will still be on (not IN) this world until your life here is over.
      Unless you take up pot holing and then you will be IN IT, or become an
      astronaut then you will be off it :- ) You are on the world Grim not IN
      IT. Feet on the earth head in the sky. What you foreigners do with
      English is beyond the pale. Innit. Now, you and your
      `existentialism' cohorts there are looking for a meaning to
      life? Why? There is no such thing. You will search in vein because
      life is not symbolic, it does not have a meaning chum. You seem to be
      stuck in some past century mate. Anyway, I hope you get the twenty years
      which you seem to be expecting. Sooner you than me mate :- ))) If I
      stuck around here for another twenty years my eldest kids would be
      pushing eighty. Sod that!

      However "MY MYSTICISM" is not only not mine but it is neither my
      home or refuge. It is just the strange stuff that the nature of reality
      brings forth :- ) I don't want or need a refuge mate. Not running
      away from anything. Never did. Running away consumes more energy than
      fighting it does. And I am all for the preservation of energy don't
      you know. But there is a lot of it so don't go off the rails
      worrying about it. Anyway, I just use it I don't have to make it. I
      am not the SUN of godo chum. The place abounds with those buggers does
      it not. Especially where you live.

      I am being true to my life's prescription? What the frig does that
      mean? Who or what wrote a prescription for me? Makes me sound like a
      pawn in a bloody chess game. Moreover, if I had had a prescription then
      there would have been no change and evolution would there. Not unless
      there were a new prescription ever day :- ) I live on the same planet as
      you grim, but obviously not in the same mode of being. So, don't
      write me into yours. That would be grim, Grim.

      You do not understand this mysticism? Well that at least is honest. I
      don't either. But that must make two of us for everybody else seems
      to understand it :- )))) Chum, they don't even know it. I know it,
      that is how I know that I don't understand it. If I did understand
      it all then there would be no bloody mysteries to solve would there, and
      life would be BORING :- ))) Pawns don't solve mysteries grim
      William. The only bloke I envy sir is Sherlock bloody Holmes, for he had
      a cheap flat in Baker Street. But he was not real was he :- ) Hey, did
      you ever play I spy with my little eye? If so what did you find? I will
      not tell you what I found for I think it might frighten you Grim. It
      would shake all your foundations sir William. And you wouldn't like
      that would you. You seem to be the kind who feels safe with what they
      know. You are not the stuff that mystics are made of :- ))) For they
      venture into the darkness and very far from earth. Wanderers my boy, not
      stick in the muds. There is more to life than your imagining Grim
      William. You will see.


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