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But what IS the Implicate Order?

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  • Dick.
    But what IS the Implicate Order? [ But what actual is the implicate order, what does it do; and how can you know that there really is such a thing? ] What the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2012
      But what IS the Implicate Order?

      [ But what actual is the implicate order, what does it do; and how can
      you know that there really is such a thing? ]

      What the hell did you have to ask that for? Deduct ten house points :-
      ))) The nearest I have ever got to an Implicate Order is the Ground of
      Our Being, and in which I am conscious and know that I exist. So that is
      the bottom rung of Being, where we start. Our building block or
      foundation stone. But deeper and beyond that then what?

      I can only imagine a timeless changeless unformed potential of energy.
      That which is extant but devoid of `a something' (other than
      potential). How can one know that there really is such a thing. Well you
      cannot KNOW it. It is simply implied. But nothing comes from nothing.
      Universes could come and go, but life in the Ground of Being would never
      know that or care. Let alone an implicate order. Neither do I really
      KNOW if the implicate order really IS deeper than the Ground of Being or
      whether it is all around it and the Ground of Being simply being a part
      of it. You don't learn anything about an implicate order while in
      the Ground of Being. But it is implied. Whereas our life here is not
      even implied there. Strange that isn't it. It is all a bucket of
      `strangeness' I can assure you. But nothing of Time is implied
      in Eternity. FACT. But here exists doesn't it, and Time and change
      exist. And that is a fact. Hence my symbol for it all (X) Many people
      think that fiction is strange, but fiction has got nothing on fact for
      strangeness. Perhaps that is why the mystics are happy with WEIRD and
      Mystery and most of the others are not. So, although I cannot KNOW it I
      can only imagine it as cauldron of potential. But I also know well
      enough that things which ARE brought forth write their own history, and
      data is never lost. So if something can happen once then it could happen
      a thousand billion quintillion times :- )) Time and again with no end.
      Time and again my love, time and again. So, when they call time do not
      worry :- )

      And don't forget I AM with you always, even unto the end of time and
      beyond. That is why they think the mystics are mad :- ) But the mystic
      are not mad, they are the sanest of the bloody lot of them :- ))) Got
      their heads screwed on right mate and all the nuts and bolts in the
      right place. But how does anything happen? Damned if I know. But I am
      glad that it does. I would not mind non existence, and I would not even
      be there to mind it or not, but I much prefer existence and doing
      things. Far more exciting and eventful. Life, like Love, is a mystery.
      Grab the day and live it. Make a good job of it and it might even get
      written on the ripples of the Implicate Order and echo in Eternity.


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