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Ref the Enhancement

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  • Dick.
    Ref the Enhancement [ Merlin, I think those fast expansions were accompanied with massive ,hormonal incursions. In famales estrus is a huge change and is
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2012
      Ref the Enhancement

      [ Merlin, I think those fast expansions were accompanied with massive
      ,hormonal incursions. In famales estrus is a huge change and is
      accompanied with estrogen increases. In males increases in testosterone
      bring about puberty. The whole male life changes with that awakening.
      Highly fearful experiences are accompanied with adrenalin rushes and
      highly pleasurable happenings come with Oxytocin boli. The big things in
      life are stamped with hormonal spikes and those spikes seem to heighten
      memory. Do you remember the first time you saw something die? Do you not
      remember the birth of your children? Indeed all these stark happenings
      are tatooed with hormones and sand blasted into the memory. They are
      physiological as well as psychological. I think they are physiological
      before they are exposed to the psyche and stored in the memory. Bill
      Grim William ]

      Yes, such peak experiences as those do of course get written into
      memory. But so much else gets written into memory which are far from
      peak experiences. And no I have never watched a human being die. I have
      been with animals when they died. I have of course seen many dead
      bodies. And yes of course I remember the birth of all the children; I
      was there, and it is a peak experience. But this is not really what that
      conversation was about. It was about permanent sensory enhancement after
      a mystical experience. A permanent change in a person due to that
      experience. A widening of their sensory equipment. A larger diameter
      circle of awareness.

      One could do a graph analogy. Draw a rectangle with horizontal lines
      going across it and number the lines 1 to 10 from the bottom upwards.
      Now, suppose normally ones life was running along line 3 as their
      capacity of sensory ability. Now in a peak experience of the kind
      mentioned above, the birth of child experience if you like, there comes
      a peak on the graph at that point. But then the line falls back to 3.
      But with a mystical experience the graph goes up to line 4 and stays
      there. It does not fall back to line 3. This is much like an electron
      jumping into another orbit zone. You know what happens then don't
      you. But in human experience terms then this one event enhances ones
      sensitivity to all things, and it stays at that new level, it does not
      fall back again.

      What the correspondent was asking was as to what mechanism pushes it up
      there and keeps it up there. Or if you like draw a circle of a given
      diameter as the equivalent of line three and then draw a wider circle
      around it as line four – a wider radar screen so to speak.

      Most of what goes on in our life we are unaware of. A bit like the
      Iceberg phenomenon. But in our case it is more like 10 percent
      happening in awareness and 90 percent unconscious activity. But in a
      mystical experience of the introverted kind one goes below the waves
      deep down into the psyche into the realms which are normally unconscious
      activity. The Ground of Being event is right at the very bottom of this
      Iceberg and one know THE SELF (The eternal non changing I AM bit in
      transcendence), do you see. It has nothing to do with the myth of flying
      up to Olympus into the realms of the godo's :- ))) That is ALL
      BULLSHIT. Those quacks are not mystics. In mystical experience you
      learn about US.

      However, on coming back here after an experience like that you bring all
      that back here with you. So the electron leaps from one orbit to the
      next, so to speak. One has a wider radar screen. It does not fall back
      again to the level it was at before. When I addressed that question last
      night it was late and I was tired. I was going to say more. But I will
      leave that until later today. But if I were you Grim William I would
      scrap everything which you thought mystical experience was about and
      start again. It has absolutely nothing to do with religion and quackery.
      It is about US and it is about LIFE. And it is about the emanation of
      life. There are no idiot gods in it or heavens up in the sky.

      By the way, you talk about `DEATH' as an end. Have you ever
      been dead? If so tell us what it is like. I have never ever met anyone
      who knew what that was like. I only know LIFE. And some of the
      construction work of our being. I sure know the mystic death and
      resurrection however. Like the back of my hand. In fact better than the
      back of my hand.

      Dick Richardson

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