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The Circumference of Experience?

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  • Dick.
    The Circumference of Experience? [ Mystical experience, and the mystic life, never came as some kind of epiphany or sudden changing life experience for you as
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2012
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      The Circumference of Experience?

      [ Mystical experience, and the mystic life, never came as some kind of
      epiphany or sudden changing life experience for you as you had always
      been having them. So you did not know life without it. You also seem to
      treat it is just one part of life and not the be all and end all of
      human conscious experience. Is that correct? ]

      It is indeed. Take for example the Ground of Being experience, it is not
      the sum of life. It is our root, our beginning. But then there is all
      the rest of it – the bits that the Buddhists and Gnostics want to do
      away with, and the great joys of life being here. The diabolical
      Incarnation :- )))) To get up and go to work and do something useful is
      just as much a part of life as all the other parts are. And it too is a
      mystical experience. They are all parts within one circumference which
      contains all that is. But even that circumference can be extended,
      widened to take in more of what is yet to come. But the two crossing
      lines of time and eternity (X) still remain what they are within that
      circumference of Being.

      So, to gallop across the moors on a pony (if that is your thing) is just
      as much about life as is the Ground of Being condition. I have never
      split life up into parts and saying that this or that part is right and
      this or that part is wrong. That is the stuff of religion, not real
      life. Same too with sex with your spouse, it is wonderful, as is so much
      else in life. If life is not fun and a joy to live than what the hell
      would be the use of it. There is just so much to life, so much
      experience to be had, so many moods, so many feelings, so many different
      `magic moments'. You have to let go of any inhibitions to be free to
      becomes those experiences and live them and know them. Perhaps it is
      true that only music and poetry can cover the spectrum of human
      experience. But words are not totally useless are they.

      But yes, I realise well enough that for many people there comes some
      sudden experience which changes them and their outlook on life. And very
      nice too. (and which proves that people can change) But I never had
      that, for that outlook and way of living was never not there for me. I
      was simply born that way and always lived that way. And the major
      mystical experiences came as easy and natural as breathing does. They
      did not seem alienated to me at all; but just a part of life. I could
      talk about life and mystical experiences until kingdom come but when
      they ask me how to make it then I find that to be like asking how to
      become extant and to exist and to live. I don't know, neither do I care,
      for it does and that is it. So, I simply explored all facets of life
      with the same kind of enthusiasm. The most amazing thing to me is that
      anything exists at all. And that there is something to experience it
      all. And I am that. Go figure.

      Dick Richardson

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