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A Book for Beginners?

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  • Dick.
    A Book for Beginners? [ Your book, The Mystical Gnosis Event is not a book for beginners Richard. You talk of a better way of living, a better way of being in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2012
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      A Book for Beginners?

      [ Your book, The Mystical Gnosis Event' is not a book for beginners
      Richard. You talk of a better way of living, a better way of being in
      the world, and you call it Homo Ensophicus. But people want to know how
      to set about this different way of being in the world, the more holistic
      and enjoyable way of living life; a more connected up and harmonious way
      of being. Yet you will never recommend any books for beginners in this
      venture. You tell them to ignore books and to studying themselves for
      themselves to find their SELF. Why will you not recommend a book which
      could help them? ]

      OK, you want me to recommend a book for beginners. Very well I will do
      so. But first I have to say a few things. One that I recommend is by a
      FAKE. He was NOT a mystic. But he gave the impression that he was. But
      he most certainly WAS NOT a mystic. In fact he died of a drug overdose
      in trying to find The Transcendent Mystical Experience. But he did try
      to study it all his life; so he was a sincere and ardent seeker. Back in
      the mid nineties I lost a few good friends by calling this bloke A FAKE,
      for they doted on him and he was their big guru. Later I found that one
      of his own family had written a book about him and ironically it was
      called The Genuine Fake.

      What he was looking for was the "I" in the machine. The real
      SELF. He studied everything he could find and he eventually settled on
      Hinduism with a large dose of Zen Buddhism thrown in. He concluded that
      the real truth is that there is no SELF in the machine and that the way
      to go was to see exactly that. That is what he taught. But something was
      nagging him and he was really still seeking for the SELF. He died trying
      to find it by way of drugs. It was very sad.

      He was born in Canterbury in Kent, England, but he went to Ireland and
      become some kind of priest there, and it seems that he got slung out. He
      then went to live in the USA, California and set himself up as a writer
      and psychologist. He became well know because he wrote many books and
      did lectures etc, and he was interviewed many times. He became a big
      hero guru over there. He was a very good writer by the way and he must
      have had some charisma. So he got a very big following over there.

      I cannot remember for sure when it was, probably in the early seventies,
      I did read two or three of his books; certainly not all of them. I found
      them boring. However that which he did write might be a good reference
      for beginners. A first step so to speak. His name was Alan Watts. So why
      would I recommend a known fake for beginners? Well, he was a genuine
      seeker right enough, and devoted to it. He was also an excellent writer
      and speaker. He never called himself a mystic (not as far as I know
      anyway) but he never said that he wasn't. But he gave the impression
      that he was. But while reading it then keep in mind that he was NOT a
      mystic. And he never mentioned nor described the mystical experience.

      So, the book I would recommend to rank beginners (if you insist on my
      doing it) is called `On the taboo of against knowing who you
      are". Another of his which you might find helpful was called
      "The Wisdom of Insecurity". But keep in mind while reading such
      books that he did not KNOW what he was talking about. Like all the other
      stuff I read him AFTER finding the Transcendent Mystical experience and
      BEFORE finding the Consummatum Incarnate Event (the most important one).
      So, I was still in a position of seeking A RESOLUTION to the
      transcendent aspect of I AM. But no books have ever been written about
      that. Mine does. So, perhaps I do start where others leave off.

      As for genuine mystics then they do not write books. I have tried to
      encourage them to do so but with very little successes. I can certainly
      understand why they will not. But they ought to. As for my own book not
      being suitable for beginners then I don't see why not, and it has
      certainly helped many according to the feed-back which I got and still
      get occasionally. But if you say that it isn't then so be it. I did
      the best I could do.

      Dick Richardson

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