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  • Dick.
    Agenda? [ Merlin the wise, Hope is genetics in action and we have a good crop of candidates for leadership. I have uncovered more truth in my departation than
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2012

      [ Merlin the wise, Hope is genetics in action and we have a good crop of
      candidates for leadership. I have uncovered more truth in my departation
      than in years of participation. I know what will happen in my realm and
      pain and great amounts of money are on the line. Responsibility is the
      key word and now a warbaby leaves and a millennium fellow takes on
      command. I do not think you can teach command, you either have the
      talent or you don't. Piss on ideas and preconceived ideals the real
      leader does the possible and farts off the traditional. You present a
      non committal , somewhat populist agenda but I find you much more
      complex. You have a vast agenda and I have no foolish proposals to
      penetrate it or you. It might be better for man that you live longer but
      you have different course. I would not know what I could say to make you
      better, I just do not know enough to help. If you would put forth a more
      definite direction it would help but I feel you have done the better
      part of what you could. So we come down to some primitive sense like
      taste. What do you smell on the wind what sticks to your palate? I
      stand at a point of intersection but have little inspiration or
      direction. So I will put my agenda in the wind and move on. I am so
      fortunate to have the opportunity. Bill grim William ]

      Agenda? An agenda is something which I am lacking right now grim
      William. What do you do when you have done what you set out to do? In
      life here one has to have a goal, an aim; and to be passionately driven
      toward the completion of that thing. Without it a life is aimless. I
      don't like aimless. Up until a couple of years ago I had never known
      aimless. But along with it there is a feeling of satisfaction in having
      done what you set out to do. Or at least in as well as you know how to
      do it. Obviously one is never completely satisfied because of this
      danged thing of aiming for perfection when there is no such thing to be
      reached. So there is only good enough for the time being. So a kind of
      bitter sweet.

      Leadership? That was never an interest of mine. I neither want to be
      led nor to lead. Been far too busy for such trivial nonsense as that.

      What sticks in my gullet (if that is what you meant)? Nothing. I have
      no grouse. Nothing to whinge about at all. I wanted what all men want,
      but more. And I got it. One is not going to complain about that. I wish
      everyone could get what they really want. But one has to know what it is
      that one really wants. Do they? It has to be something that REALLY
      quenches that hunger of want permanently. But most of the things they
      chase never really satisfy for very long.

      What do I smell on the wind? For whom or what? For me? For humanity?
      For humanity I see big changes ahead. For me I see an end of it here. My
      time here is up. And not before time either. It was a very exciting and
      exhilarating time to be here. When little I thought I was in the wrong
      place and the wrong time. But I was wrong. I was just where and when I
      needed to be.

      Departing? You say you learned more in your departing. Isn't it
      always the way? I did too. I always told them not to judge until it is
      over :- ) Is there any satisfaction in saying `I told you so'?
      No, not really. Just a kind of bitter sweet inevitability :- ) There is
      so much for kids to learn isn't there. And learn they will.
      Inevitable sir. But WHAT is there to learn? And how much is there to
      learn? But one thing at a time is enough for that time. A temporary
      quench is better than nothing. Like an Inn along the way.

      You know what will happen in your realm? Do you now :- ) What is your
      realm sir? It implies ownership does it not. Which realm do you own? As
      for me I own nothing. And with no wish to own anything. If you have
      ownership then you cannot move on to pastures new. You have to be free
      of baggage to move on. Ownership is baggage. An Agenda is a kind of
      baggage. That is why when it is done you are then free to move on. Done
      what you had to do – then what? Well, the `then what' is a
      new open road and one is free to travel it; and to find whatever awaits
      there for one to find. And then what? Ahhh, there is always mystery is
      there not. What next? That is something you can never know; until it
      comes. Never fear the unknown, for it awaits you. And never make believe
      you know that which you don't yet know. For in doing so one is only
      fooling oneself.

      I wish you well.


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