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Re: Fact and Friction? and Autumn

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    Re: Fact and Friction? and AutumnPosted By: [Offline] * dick.richard...
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2012
      Re: Fact and Friction? and AutumnPosted By: [Offline]
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      Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:55 am |
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      Good morning Sir,

      I have never been to any of the `third world' places (what a bloody
      silly name that is) let alone ever lived in one of them. So all I can
      do is to imagine what it must be like. And I sure don't fancy it. All
      these little bloody dictators and tyrants; I would not be able to put up
      with it. It makes living here seem like a heaven on earth. I have always
      tried to keep informed with what is going on in the world, but in all
      truth you just get so bloody fed up hearing it all, on and on and on, it

      Added to which all of my life has been so busy doing things, raising
      kids, doing jobs and hobbies that I would never have had the time to
      even think about going to other places. But even if I had thought about
      it then I could not have afforded it anyway :- ) But I really like
      living here so I would never have wanted to go to some other place
      anyway. I am more than happy being here, right slap bang in the middle
      of West Somerset. Yet strangely enough it was not my `natural' childhood
      environment. The street of London was my environment, and I must admit
      that I enjoyed it at the time. But I was young, and then I grew up :- )
      To live there now would be nauseating for me. That is why I left it
      when I was seventeen. Man, that was a long time ago :- ) And so much
      water under the bridge since then.

      Autumn? Fantastic. It must be the most beautiful of all the seasons.
      There are so many narrow lanes around here which run through woods, and
      the lanes are arched by tree's, and one can just wander off into the
      woods. I love being among tree's. And in the autumn it just takes your
      breath away. The colours and the smells – well, I could rant on for
      ever :- ))) So I will not bore you. Plus this place is so empty of
      people compared to so many places. And I like that too. When you meet
      somebody here you stop for a chat and then pass on your respective ways.
      But if you needed help at any time then it would turn up. What could be
      better? The best thing I ever did was to get on that train out of London
      fifty eight years ago. I guess it was a chancy thing doing that at the
      time, and not knowing anybody else. Like walking out of one life into
      another. An unknown one. But, Serendipity – and I found something of
      great beauty. The love for it and of it has never faded, but just grown
      stronger over the years. Every time I have gone away then after just a
      couple of days I have been itching to get back. What more can one say :-

      Merlin of Exmoor

      --- In Psychognosis_Archive@yahoogroups.com, Maurice Obi Nwankwor
      <touchofisis@...> wrote:
      > Sir.
      > Â Â Â Â Â A good question indeed.It is so sad to
      contemplate.You in the industrialised world can hardly imagine what
      people are going thru here in the so called THIRD WORLD countries.At
      imes i simply weep for humanity when I see what is going on all around
      me.How can it be helped? I wish the so called God,or gods could all die
      and humanity just live simply for humanity seeking the best happily
      for every body,altruistic,so to say.But alas as far as them
      churches,mosques,temples,synagogues and what have you exists,humanity
      has no chance of breathing pure fresh air and of course,the
      FTSE,DOW.WALL STREET,DAX ETC.Rise up humanity and destroy your
      tormentors.But behold humanity rose up and fought on the side of its
      tormentor and killed the one who called for a fight to freedom...
      > Good day Sir,its bright and softly sunny here and i can afford to open
      the windows and forget the air coditioner. Nice autumn to you.That
      reminds me my favourite english poet when i did my o,levels was KEATS in
      of mellow fruitfulness..... etc.
      > Â Â obi.

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