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An Act of Kindness?

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  • Dick.
    An Act of Kindness? [ You mentioned that you have hope for humanity based on their inner connection to the ground of their being, and the unfolding of this
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2012
      An Act of Kindness?

      [ You mentioned that you have hope for humanity based on their inner
      connection to the ground of their being, and the unfolding of this
      implicate order, while also mentioning how rarely this connection is
      consciously made as yet. So such people must be very rare. Is this
      enough justification for any kind of hope for humanity? ]

      It is, yes. But it is not the only thing. Most of my life, and all the
      jobs which I have done for seventy years, involved me being out on the
      streets, as it were; involved with people on a daily basis. And as you
      know, I watch people. But every day on the streets I saw things that
      never make the news. Simple acts of kindness and caring. It is nearly
      everywhere you look.

      Somebody collapses on the street and total strangers rush to help. Why?
      They don't know them; they are not family or friends; they are not
      doctors or medics; they are not in love with this person, they don't
      even know them; they are not being paid for it or receiving any kind of
      reward for it. So why do they do it? Yes, I know well enough that
      crowds gather around just for curiosity. But if there were nobody else
      around most of them would do it too. To simply help or at least give
      comfort to somebody in need. Why? There is nothing in it for them. It
      is unconditional assistance. Why? You also see it in so many other
      things and ways. People taking in stray animals; all kinds of things.
      You also see so much of this in times of war. I sure did. In fact you
      see even more of it in times of war. So, what is the name for this
      kind of thing? I don't know. Perhaps the milk of human kindness. And
      this is far from rare.

      Personally I have never been in a position where I needed help from
      anyone. I have never collapsed on the street; never been involved in a
      road traffic accident. Never been injured in war, etc. Never really
      needed any help or assistance from anyone. But nonetheless I see it on
      the streets every day of my life. It is very inspiring. But I have
      indeed been shown many acts of simply unrequested kindness. Sure, these
      people are not mystics, nothing special about them at all, just bog
      standard human beings. But they inspire one. They give one hope for
      humanity. And they far outnumber the rogues and villains, rapists, and
      murderers, cheats and liars. And none of this stuff is newsworthy. But
      you can sure learn a lot from it. Unjustified optimism? Nope, for it is
      there and it is real. There is something awe inspiring in human life
      forms, and even though it does not always shine through. But I know it
      is there because I found it, and I see it in action every day. But, if
      you prefer to see only the negative then that is what you will see and
      find; and it will drag you down into an existential black pit of
      hopelessness and nausea. But why would you or anyone even want to see
      only the negative? Ask yourself that one. But it is all there to see if
      you open your eyes to it without any bias or prejudice. On a few
      occasion I have felt pissed off myself, but there was always somebody or
      something to bring the smile back again. No, my optimism is not
      unfounded. Far from it. I don't only learn from the mystical and
      transcendent experiences you know, I learned from having looked around
      me all my life. Have you not heard of the watchers from the gates of
      dawn? To study yourself is important. But you are not the only one.

      Dick Richardson

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