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The Living in the NOW?

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  • Dick.
    The Living in the NOW? [ This is true about grabbing the day . That s why most people are not happy or at peace with themselves. They are always thinking of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2012
      The Living in the NOW?

      [ This is true about "grabbing the day". That's why most people are not
      happy or at peace with themselves. They are always thinking of how it
      could be in the future - that they will be 'happy' in the future when
      they get this or that (usual material possessions or relationships with
      others). Or they are living in the past where they are fixated by past
      unpleasant events, or even injustices etc. that affected them and cannot
      move on. That future often never comes and their 'nows' are a summation
      of misery and also form a miserable memory! The past does not help them
      either as they cannot exact justice or whatever has made them grieve
      such as a loss of a loved one. Due to this misthinking they engage in
      further actions that tend o then spiral into self-destruction and the
      possible destruction of others. This does not mean that one should not
      think about the past or the future but only to the extent that a
      positive change can be made as you move forward.

      The other point is that we must all realize that life/human
      consciousness is a miracle - we are so used to it that it seems mundane.
      However if you were an astronaut and visited all the planets in our
      solar system alone and were dumped back on earth you would not ceased to
      be amazed at the refulgence of life. One has to defamiliarize the
      familiar to know this. Which mean that one must realize that behind all
      matter and energy lies a source that gives rise and order to this and it
      was not purposeless. Your current body is simply a vehicle for now.

      Taking these points together as Dick says grabbing the moment by a
      change in one's thinking pattern, of knowing that life is a miracle,
      that it is indeed everlasting and purposeful, that one must live in the
      moment by being alive to it can propel one to peace, happiness and
      further knowledge of ultimate reality. One does not need a guru to
      achieve this and what I'm saying is only a reminder; one does not need
      to go to a temple to know this; your self and the universe are
      constantly sending you a message that this is the case - if only this
      reality were not blocked by us. Nadeem ]

      Indeed so. I have been trying to plug this for years but it seems to be
      totally ignored. I suppose the question is, how easy is it to do that if
      it is not natural to one. To what degree can it be done by choice if it
      is not natural to one? Prior to the transcendent event I did it
      naturally and never even questioned it, but after the transcendent event
      I realised what was going on, and one was living those moments without
      thought. So, you just put two and two together to get the rational
      answer. So, as it was in Eternity I continued to do here parts off the
      day; especially in those special moments.

      In so far as I can see it then that is why I have such a good clear
      memory of so many past events. Imagine that the writing of a memory was
      likened to data being put on to a magnetic storage tape, then the
      quality of the tape (and the memory going on to it) are important
      factors in the process. But if they are recorded well then on recalling
      those memories it is almost like living that past NOW all over again.
      But they also have a deeper and more important function too. However, it
      is equally important that the bad memories are stored well too – in
      order to remember WHY they were bad moments so that you don't do it
      again. THAT is the positive in the negative. What the hell use is any
      experience if it is not lived, learned, understood, and recorded for
      future recall?

      As for the bit about other known planets and then coming back here and
      finding this place to be the wonder of all wonders then that IS SO. This
      is an amazing place to be. That was another lesson well learned in
      transcendence and then coming back here again. There is no bloody point
      going there if you don't come back here again and USE it and implement
      those lessons learned. I keep telling them that mystical experiences is
      a learning process and about ones evolution. But they turn a deaf ear to
      it all. Both science and religions claim that such people are MAD :- )
      Mad they ain't ! Different they ARE. As we live so too is it written on
      the sands of time in the archive of the soul AND the DNA. WE write our
      book, it is not written for us.

      Dick Richardson

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