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In the NOW of THEN?

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  • Dick.
    In the NOW of THEN? [ You mention grabbing the day, and grabbing the full essential quality of it at that moment, each moment as they pass. You also mention
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2012
      In the NOW of THEN?

      [ You mention grabbing the day, and grabbing the full essential quality
      of it at that moment, each moment as they pass. You also mention that
      this moment, the now, will never happen again. And presumably that is
      the reason for grabbing it to its fullest extent at each moment as they
      come and go. But does not knowing full well that it will pass and never
      happen again deteriorate from the quality of that moment in that now? ]

      It would indeed be a dose of negativity in the cup of that moment if one
      was thinking about its passing and its not existing again. But if you
      were thinking about anything else at that time then by definition you
      are NOT grabbing that moment and living it to its fullest essential
      quality in the NOW. You would be spoiling the moment by writing a future
      or a past into it. You can only ever live one moment at a time, so take
      good advantage of that. Don't spoil it by adding a time that does
      not exist to it; no matter whether it be a past time or a future time.
      Doing that loses the moment AS IS.

      This whole point was made clear to me when living in that transcendent
      mode of the eternal now. (the GOB). For one could NOT think there?
      There was nothing to spoil THE MOMENT. The moment that never changed.
      Do you see? Mystical experience is a great learning device.

      But here on earth in TIME, one can stop thinking any time one wants to.
      It is not compulsory to be thinking all the time. It is while not
      thinking about the moment that one can LIVE it to its fullest extent.
      THAT is grabbing the moment. ALSO, keep in mind that moments become
      written on to memory and they are written AS THEY WERE lived in that
      moment. So, if it was not fully lived in that moment then the NOW of
      THEN (which you can relive in memory) is also not of the highest quality
      of its being. Memories are an extremely important part of the incarnate
      life. Not only do we have to think while here, but we have to think
      well, and remember well. But there are times for no thinking and no
      remembering while in the moment. Because they distract from it. It seems
      to be a natural part of the mystic life to know when and when not to
      think and remember. How many times each day do you stop thinking and
      remembering and just live that moment AS IT IS NOW? Doing that MAKES
      the moment. If you do not do that then you have missed the moment. And
      what then would go into the records? Nothing. A blank. A memory should
      be as sharp in the NOW as it was in the NOW of THEN. That is what I mean
      by grabbing the day. Today will never come back again. It is only lived
      ONCE. SO LEARN IT. You do not learn and record the NOW by thinking
      about it. You learn it by LIVING it. Experience IS the food of life. Eat
      well and grow by it.

      Dick Richardson

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