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Paper Spirituality to fill a Void?

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  • Dick.
    Paper Spirituality to fill a Void? [.... and just like addiction to drink or drugs, religion, such as it is, is just a paper spirituality to fill a void of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2012
      Paper Spirituality to fill a Void?

      [.... and just like addiction to drink or drugs, religion, such as it
      is, is just a paper spirituality to fill a void of emptiness. They use
      words in a book, and a blind faith in them, to substitute for a life.
      Such people will never understand your kind of spirituality which is
      direct experience based. ]

      Never is a long time. But the extent to which this is true is a very sad
      affair. What is it that generates such a void? Is it loneliness? I
      cannot speak from experience about addiction to drink and drugs for I
      have never been there. Nor can I speak of a void, an emptiness of any
      kind, for I have not been there either. Neither am I a fan of the word
      `spirituality'. Evidence seems to suggest that many people who
      `have a religion' seem to be quite content with it; and who
      often rant and rave about the wonderful effects of it. One of the not so
      nice effects of having written the things which I did was in being
      contacted by some folks who were suicidal. But when they told me their
      stories there was always something there which they had been extremely
      shaken up by; and justifiably so. But I never did meet one who claimed
      that their life was empty. But then again, how many people can we meet
      and talk to? But of course, fundamentalists would not be reading my
      stuff in the first place, so my experience of them is slight indeed.
      Likewise is my experience of drug addicts almost nil.

      But I take your point well enough about `paper spirituality'.
      Never heard that term before :- ) But that is what `having a
      religion' is about isn't it – what they have heard or read
      and firmly believe in it and have a faith in it. I find it said that
      anybody would live their life by proxy; and whether it turned them into
      drug addicts or not. Do you remember the hippy period? It fizzled out,
      for it was not based on anything real and substantial. Sad really.
      Religions will go the same way one fine day, but it just takes longer.
      Some people have asked me over the years why I turned my back on
      religion. But this is an assumption of theirs for I never did turn my
      back on religion. You cannot walk away from something which you never
      had. But I would imagine that anyone dumping their religion might well
      feel a void for a while. They tend to jump on to another one :- )
      Question is why did they dump it :- ))) I have also met a number of
      people who jumped on to a religion because of some minor psychic
      experience; and who had had no religion previously. That is an
      interesting case study too. But I get the feeling that perhaps most
      people are into a religion because they see it as justifying morality,
      and having known nothing else which does that. I find that sad too. Then
      there is the age old question of so many things simply being tradition.
      That is perhaps the most effective Pied Piper of them all. It would be
      fascinating to see the world in a few thousand years time to see how it
      has all panned out :- )


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