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  • William
    ... It has been a lock step life for me. Each move carefully planned each segment checked and rechecked. I went rogue for eight years as I figured out the
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 10, 2012
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      > I wish you well with it and hope you have many happy times. Our lives have been so different that they cannot be put in the same shop window, so to speak. But I will not bore you with any of that. When it comes to writing then up to the age of forty the only thing I had ever written was my signature on documents, and writing something was always the last thing on my mind; and I could not even spell sosigis. Strange how it all pans out isn't it. The only thing I have ever owned was a ten by eight wooden shed :- ))) But I would not say no to Buckingham Palace, providing I could pay the staff to look after it :- )) Would love to have owned an antique shop but I would never have sold anything so I would not have been much good at that :- )) I never did have plans to be anything. Never had the time to even think about it. And while you are thinking about it life happens and you might miss it :- )))) For the life of me I would not have missed a moment of it. I wonder how much memory space there is and how it is stored. Done a lot of wondering in my time :- ))) I wondered while I wandered and pondered while I piddled :- )))
      > rwr
      >Merlin, Thank you for the good wishes. Indeed we have taken different paths. It is a beautiful day here today. Sunny and in the 70`s is about as good as it gets here. I just fed the critters and they are coming down from the oaks for the hand out.
      It has been a lock step life for me. Each move carefully planned each segment checked and rechecked. I went rogue for eight years as I figured out the system was rigged. I went from A`s to C`s and did little but play sports. Baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey were big fun and I played on several championship teams. I refused to study in high school but still got into college. From there on I never missed the deans list. It has always been a matter of interest for me and college material was fascinating. Science just turned me on and I would ingest a semesters material in three or four days in marathon study sessions. One semester I crammed the whole semester of organic chemistry into four days . The professor told me I would not be able to do it but I got the highest A after taking caffene extract. I told him it was better living through chemistry. He liked that but I had to be led away from the test as I could not find my dorm. I picked dentistry over medicine because I did not care enough for people to take the doctors oath. I discarded religion and picked existentialism because of its stark individualism and detachment from organised groups. Private practise was perfect for me and I started mine in the first year out of dental school. I met the founding fathers of preventive dentistry and found their science sound and my practice became known for stopping caries and periodontal disease dead in their tracks. I borrowed half a million dollars and set up a group practise in a shooping mall. I had ten associates in that setting. They now man the West Des Moines area and all practise in a preventive way. If I could I would make it a crime to have a cavity in WDM.
      I detested insurance companies and set up a company based on prevention and capitation with union leaders. It took millions out of insurance coffers and put it back in the hands of union members. It spread to a greater part of the state . It will be quietly transferred to new hands and the methods will be carried on.
      In all of this I often discounted traditional ways and therefore made enemies. At one time I was overtly political but found that being so caused harm to the dental mission so I backed away from the politics. I try to operate in the background and show my political colors on this list which is not read in this area. I know the politicians and will on ocassion put up a yard sign but I never get on a doners list or go to rallies. My dislike of collectives keeps me away from socialistic endeavours and I have never been a union member even though I have worked with them for years. You need a toughness when you deal with trade unions and we have forged a hard fought mutual respect. I won`t miss the screaming sessions with union lawyers but I have never had a harsh word with a union member. I truly respect those hard working guys and it has been a privelidge to serve them. Most people do not know how hard those guys work. So many get up at dawn and work till dark ,they are more mission oriented than the military and they are probably injured as much. Most are shelled out by fifty years old . People just do not understand how much they contribute to society and when I see business crooks attack them I reaqct with anger. Those empty suits couldn`t fill a union mans coveralls for a day.
      Ya, Merlin , we are different birds but I respect you for your hard fought individuality . You got no quit in you and that is rare. You are old school in a new age. Good luck, one as singular as you needs it. Bill
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      > > For the greater part of my life I have been a dentist. I headed that direction in undergrad and including dental school it has been the greater part of my life for 46 years. Soon I will be finished with that big portion of my life.
      > > I have tried to slow down but that was impractical. You are either in the profession or you are out. Sure I referred more patients and procedures but the schedual just filled in with more people. I am in the process of selling the practise and the auxiliary business ventures. Yes there is nostalgia but relief from pressure is the greater change. For these many years I have been too busy to relax, too busy to be anything but a dentist. I have given up my hobbies to have the energy to finish dentistry. After the final business is concluded I will reevaluate my time relative to my remaining energy.I want to be more fit and will institute a mild exercise program. I have lost twenty five Lbs and want to shape up. I always enjoyed sports and exercise and I hope to go back to a moderate regimen. So I look forward to walking, light jogging and cross country skiing when the snow flies.
      > > So Dick, I am taking your advice to enjoy the post working life. I plan to continue writing here. My leanings to existentialism remain and though I probably will not reread the masters I will continue to relate their precepts to the world I still live in. I cannot imagine a life not filled with worry about making payroll and solving dental problems. I hope to leave those recurring chores behind and not fill in the stress with trivial matters. I want to learn to dial down and become a more mellow fellow and less abrasive person. I have been too busy to be happy and now I want to be happy to be less busy. Bill
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