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Et Al

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  • Dick.
    Et Al [ Merlin, I know little about China, I think few Americans do. Theirs seem a strange hybrid of communism and capitalism. Our politics is beginning to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2012
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      Et Al

      [ Merlin, I know little about China, I think few Americans do. Theirs
      seem a

      strange hybrid of communism and capitalism. Our politics is beginning to
      sort out after the election. China it seems has some problems and I have
      no idea how to solve them. I know they will resort to brute force and
      they certainly have the troops.

      As long as Obama is in charge I doubt you will see USA start a stupid
      war. He is about trying to redistribute the wealth here and it will
      probably be a peaceful business. I do not think China wants a war with
      us. The seem to realise our codependance.

      As to yahoo I got a strange message when I replied that said I could not
      respond to your post. Nothing has come up and I have said most of what I
      didhere. I do not involve myself in your mysticism interest but your
      interest in international matters is of interest. You seem clear bout
      your ideas . As to human nature and greed that seems a part of animal
      life in general. Fighting for food seems universal and the competition
      would seem to extend to most of the earths goods. Were we infinate we
      might escape the curse but it is part of living. The rule of law works
      ,sometimes but some learn how to pervert even that. I hate jails but
      know that is where some need be. I try to keep my wants in check and
      therefore my greed seems to remain in check. marcus Araelius said
      covetesness comes from the site of others property. I try not to look at
      what others have as as I am older I probably could not wrest it from
      them anyway. Perhaps that is one benefit of age. I might envy your
      knowledge of international events but I think you would give it up if I
      asked the better questions. So why
      doesn`t Great Britain use her prestiege and democratic age to influnce
      world affairs to a greater measure/ I could see you as being more a
      shining light than a grubbing competator with the rest of us. Bill ]

      My first great love and interest was geography and maps and I loved to
      learn about other places when I was knee high to a grass hopper. Perhaps
      it came about by way of foreign stamps and mail delivery systems and all
      these `exotic' mysterious peoples and places. Also used to listen to
      short wave radio avidly; and bagging hundreds of stations every night :-
      ) my two other two great loves were drawing and psychology. When I was
      little I had studied every tribe of North American Indians – can't
      remember much of it now :- ))) Maps get written into my head so I don't
      need maps :- )

      What China has done in ten years has never ever been done before in the
      history of humanity. Hence it is interesting. They are the worlds
      machine shop now, but they have so much to learn from other places. They
      are sending many of their kids here for an education and building the
      old style of schools over there. So Britain does come in handy for some
      people, and its history is very rich indeed. China has been isolated far
      longer than the Americas have been known about. China does not export
      war or ideals. It is so big it has enough problems taking care of
      itself. I admire China very much, and Russia. As for life then no life
      is an animal. I have a high regard and admiration for the phenomenon of
      life and its mystery. As for a lifetime on earth then I love it and it
      has been AMAZING. And to frolic in the fields of gold with a lover is
      the icing on the cake of BEING. I love the material world. It sure makes
      you wonder how it is done eh. I don't know how it is done. But it is
      done. Had a late birthday present today – a bottle of whiskey :- )
      So that is good too. It does not last long William so grab each day.
      Life here is too short to moan all the time.

      Richard of Exmoor

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