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Re: Regarding the Corruption and Greed email?

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  • William
    ... As long as Obama is in charge I doubt you will see USA start a stupid war. he is about trying to redistribute the wealth here and it will probably be a
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Dick." <somerset_2@...> wrote:
      > Regarding the Corruption and Greed email?
      > [ Dick, I liked your post on China but yahoo blocked my reply. Did you
      > write it?
      > Bill ]
      > The original article was cut and pasted from the BBC news from a Reuters
      > News report. I put it in quotation marks. The second email on Corruption
      > and Greed was my reply to the phenomenon of corruption and greed. I have
      > a great interest in what has been going on in China for the last ten
      > years, and I am also a fan and advocate of a one `party' (house
      > of social decision making by an elected house of representatives).
      > Obviously the central committee (Politburo) does not work like that. But
      > if things keep going the way they are going then by 2020 China will be
      > the dominant economic power. But inevitably, the more liberalism it
      > takes on then the more corruption there will be in China. Because that
      > is what SOME people are like - crooks. They cannot alter human nature.
      > They know that and that is why they are very worried. Where there are
      > corrupt people you will have a corrupt society. Inevitable. Look at the
      > West for the best example of it. So, roll on evolution. Good guys and
      > bad guys do not make good bed fellows; and no system can implant
      > morality and sensitivity. Fools think a religion and blind faith in
      > something can do that. IT DOES NOT.
      > Why would Yahoo block your email? That sounds a bit paranoid William.
      > You must surely know that Yahoo groups has been doing a lot of
      > maintenance lately and for some time now; and occasionally emails do not
      > go through. So, send them again later. I have never yet been blocked by
      > Yahoo, and compared to me you are a saint in shining armour. I could set
      > up ten Yahoo groups in ten minutes if I wanted to. As for internet
      > communication I only use Yahoo. No way will I use facemebook and
      > twattering with twitterites et al. I am for absolute free speech and
      > archives where it can be stored for future reference. The written word
      > lasts longer here than we do; and generations come and go like lightning
      > strikes. So, if you want to leave ripples on the sands of time you are
      > going to have to write old chap. And DONT let anybody get in your way.
      > Merlin of Exmoor.
      > merlin, I know little about China, I think few Americans do. Theirs seem a strange hybrid of communism and capitalism. Our politics is beginning to sort out after the election. China it seems has some problems and I have no idea how to solve them. I know they will resort to brute force and they certainly have the troops.
      As long as Obama is in charge I doubt you will see USA start a stupid war. he is about trying to redistribute the wealth here and it will probably be a peaceful business. I do not think China wants a war with us. The seem to realise our codependance.
      As to yahoo I got a strange message when I replied that said I could not respond to your post. Nothing has come up and I have said most of what I did here. I do not involve myself in your mysticism interest but your interest in international matters is of interest. You seem clear bout your ideas . As to human nature and greed that seems a part of animal life in general. Fighting for food seems universal and the competition would seem to extend to most of the earths goods. Were we infinate we might escape the curse but it is part of living. The rule of law works ,sometimes but some learn how to pervert even that. I hate jails but know that is where some need be. I try to keep my wants in check and therefore my greed seems to remain in check. marcus Araelius said covetesness comes from the site of others property. I try not to look at what others have as as I am older I probably could not wrest it from them anyway. Perhaps that is one benefit of age. I might envy your knowledge of international events but I think you would give it up if I asked the better questions. So why doesn`t Great Britain use her prestiege and democratic age to influnce world affairs to a greater measure/ I could see you as being more a shining light than a grubbing competator with the rest of us. Bill
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