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The Most Important Battle?

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  • Dick.
    The Most Important Battle? [ Merlin, you mentioned that the most important external event during your life was the world war. In your view of it, and as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2012
      The Most Important Battle?

      [ Merlin, you mentioned that the most important external event during
      your life was the world war. In your view of it, and as a chess player,
      what was the most important logistic battle to prevent a Nazi dominated
      Europe? And what if they had won the war do you think? And as a chess
      player what did you think of Bobby Fischer? ]

      The greatest ever world battle is still going on, and that is the battle
      which I was engaged in, not WW2. It is the World battle for hearts,
      minds and peaceful unity devoid of tyranny. This or that culture may
      well take it in turns of global economic dominance for a while, but no
      culture will ever dominate the world, nor should it; and let alone
      dominate it by tyranny and dictatorship. End of story.

      My view of the battle of WW2 is from hindsight now, and it is long over.
      However, from hindsight I agree with Churchill. In order that Europe did
      not become Nazi there were two major battles to be won, as seen from
      here; and neither of them looked as though they could have been won by
      the forces of freedom. One was the battle of Britain and the other was
      the Battle of El Alemein in North Africa. They were both won by the
      allied forces, and against all the odds. Had they not been won then the
      world would not have been like it is today.

      One of the things which seems to be often overlooked was that WW2 was
      not like a chess game, for the sides were nothing like evenly balanced.
      It seems to be overlooked just how big and prepared the Nazi army was
      and how small and unprepared the allied forces were. So it was not like
      a chess match. It was a David and Goliath type match. Had the island of
      Britain fallen then Europe would have been Nazi.

      In 1941 Roosevelt told Churchill that the Americans hated Britain and
      the British Empire and they would not get involved in a foreign war. So
      Churchill rightly told Roosevelt that if all of Europe became Nazi it
      would be far more powerful and larger than the USA. Which it indeed
      would have been. And if united with Russia it would dominate the world
      for a long time to come. So, given that the USA said bollocks to
      Britain then after the battle of Britain was won the next most important
      battle was to secure the canal rout to oil fields and the southern and
      far eastern parts of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Hence the
      defence of north east Africa. Obvious and unarguable. Without food and
      oil coming in to Britain then it could not later fight in Europe. Hence
      the battle of El Alemein. You have to live through today in order to
      fight tomorrow.

      They sent the Italian army into North Africa to earn its wings and prove
      itself. They were routed and taken out in just a few weeks. Italy played
      no more part in that war. The Latin's had no heart for it anyway. Both
      Churchill and Hitler knew how important the Mediterranean and North
      Africa were. America had no idea about anything. Malta had more bombs
      dropped on it than London did in the blitz. So they then sent the
      Germans into North Africa. That was a different kettle of fish. And
      after quite a while of pushing and shoving on both sides the battle was
      won at the battle of El Alemein, and Europe was safe for a while longer.

      But fortunately Hitler was a mad man and he invaded Russia. It was a
      forgone concussion then that he would now lose the war; for he taken on
      far too much. And that was proved at Stalingrad. The daftest thing in
      the whole world war however, was that Japan invaded America. Albeit that
      it might not have seemed so daft at the time. But that was laughable,
      and the war was then over but for the shouting. But even then invading
      Europe was not easy. But it was done and it was won. I hope the world
      never undergoes anything like that again. The other war is a very
      different kind of war. But it is still a war. I have often wondered what
      the world would have been like if we had gone down in 1940 and 1941 and
      there was nothing to fight that Nazi machine. But the world has a short
      memory. And it always writes history the way it wants it written and
      with so much prejudice thrown in.

      What IF the Nazis had won the war in about 1943? Eemmm, that gives me a
      good idea for a novel :- ) The human spirit will never ever cow-tow to
      bondage for very long. So, good luck with the ongoing war against

      Fischer? I have been asked that before. The poor sod was mad. Pity,
      because he was a great chess player and could have done so much for
      chess in the USA. But look at the kind of life he had as a kid, and the
      parents. He did not have what it takes to overcome that so he went into
      retreat from the world and people. Tragic. Even when he died he was
      still a child that had never grown up. The love of Chess was not his
      main drive; revenge was; he hated everything and was totally paranoid.

      Dick Richardson

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