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  • William
    ... Here Aviva cannot get sold as perspective buyers do not like the risk analysis. The license to steal has been revoked and as Biden said This is a big
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 8, 2012
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      > One young voter I spoke to was disappointed with the showing of third party candidates but happy Obama won. I told him to consider the Democratic party as a coalition party and the Republican one in disarray, something which can be taken advantage of in order to deal with the budget. We won't need third parties if enough people work to shape their own parties according to their unique visions. Both McCain and Romney could have won if they had stayed true to their moderate histories, but the right wing just had too much money and influence on them. I'm hoping moderates will align with Dems to begin the work of implementing the electorate's mandate. I think raising taxes on the wealthy is the place to start, and strategic budget cuts are the compromise. One bright note in Wisconsin is that business leaders are encouraging Gov. Walker to begin implementing health insurance exchanges rather than have the federal government do it. He was waiting for the election results, so now he's playing ball.
      > Mary
      >Mary, you mention health insurance as another area where republicans have poor choices. I firmly think that single payer was the way to go but the business prone republicans blocked it. The private insurance companies do not like the profit margins but do not want the feds in what they consider their business. Rough choice, they might incur losses or the feds may enact defacto single payer. For a change they become the ones who might get screwed.
      Here Aviva cannot get sold as perspective buyers do not like the risk analysis. The license to steal has been revoked and as Biden said" This is a big ,fucking deal" .
      On the banking side wall street has reacted negatively to the reelection. They know regulation probably from executive order is coming. The derivative salesmen have decimated europe and the bust is in progress. Keeping the derivative sales force out of south america could save the debacle there. Regulation always cuts profit margins in the short run and more regulation is coming. Business and the rich are in for leaner times. Turning a profit on a level playing field is a much harder deal than the deregulated world of Bush provided. Change is coming but change is here. We are on our way back to a productive country not further into a business country. Goods and services rock , business and bull shit walk. Bill
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      > > I am digesting the results in print and brodcast media. The big win was because of the young, women and hispanics. The new demographics give little quarter to GOP[Greedy Old Pricks{politicians. Milt McConell came out with his usual bombast and threatened further opposition . Behner is said to say just about the same, soon. I hope that is just disappointment speaking as it will do no one any good.
      > > All the republican bluster about fiscal responsibility will fade away when they see what sequestration means for them and their political futures. Obama will not sign further tax cuts for the rich. There are few rich and they will go under the bus first. They lost and losers suffer. I think immigration reform will be an early topic and the smart republicans will compromise in order to begin reapeasement with the growing hispanic base. It is 53 to 45 in the senate two independants vote with the dems and so a fillibuster proof majority take only five republicans, On some issues that is doable. I think we will see early ads targeting tea party house members. They will be directly accused of obstructionism . In two years they could be greatly reduced.
      > > Obama says he will call Romney,I wonder what he will call him? There is even talk of a cabnet post for Romney. I do not like that . The lame duck congress will give us some idea of how suicidal the tea baggers want to be. If they are real politicians they will save themselves and screw the ideology. Amy Kramer of the tea party express is still spewing the hard line but we will see when their feet go to the fire. The new cry should be identify and defeat. Bill
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