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A World of Mystics?

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  • Dick.
    A World of Mystics? [ You see the coming into awareness of these esoteric things, and deep inner parts of our own being, as being a part of an evolutionary
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2012
      A World of Mystics?

      [ You see the coming into awareness of these esoteric things, and deep
      inner parts of our own being, as being a part of an evolutionary
      process. How do you think the world would be if everybody was like this?

      A world of mystics? Obviously I have tried to imagine that scenario; but
      right now it is an extremely academic venture to even try thinking about
      it and imagining it. It would be totally different to what it is like
      living here now, or has ever been in the past. So, one cannot say it
      would be like this or like that for there is no known past to compare it

      However, if there were a world of mystics then there would not be any
      mystics, for living with these things would be the norm, common, an
      everyday part of reality for everybody. Try and imagine if you can a
      world without religions, without political parties, without money,
      without national borders, try and imagine that just for a start. It is
      not easy to imagine it. It would be so radically different from
      anything known as yet. Also imagine given how long that would take, as
      to how much knowledge and technology, the arts and sciences, would have
      advanced by that time. You mention the word esoteric, but there would be
      no such thing. All these thing I have mentioned I do not see them as
      esoterica, but just the daily norm; all as natural as breathing is. Is
      there such a world somewhere out there now? I find even thinking about
      that is an utter waste of time and it does not matter one jot if there
      is or if there ain't. We should be thinking about this place and
      other places which we will be able to get to. We should be thinking
      about today and tomorrow, and next year, not some imaginary place way
      off in the future. We should be thinking about and planning for a world
      fit for the next generation and their progeny to live in. Which right
      now it ain't. Truly, I look around this world as it is now, today,
      and I want to throw up.

      I hear people talking about the dark ages as though they had made some
      giant leap forward. They have not, they are still in the dark ages. I
      want more than this. I have said that I don't fit in here; it is
      true, I never did feel as though I fit in here. And they think all this
      is fun. It isn't all fun. It could be. But not here as one has to
      live in it now. But we ARE living in this world here and now, so one has
      to get on with it and do the best one can. Many seem to think that
      mystics live in some la-la land, but they don't, they are living on
      this one here and now; warts and all. Some have said to me over the
      years, go and talk to him or her. But I have no wish to paddle in a deep
      ocean only up to my ankles. Some say to me, `I want this and I want
      it now, how can I get it'. Would they really want it if they knew
      what it is like living with it here and now amid what it is like here
      and now? No, it sure ain't me who is living in a la-la land.

      So, what would it be like living on a world full of mystics? Best
      concentrate on what it is like living on this world here and now, and
      then judge it as it is here and now. And then do something about it
      today. For tomorrow. One day at a time. Nothing else is going to do it.
      But they want something else to do it for them don't they; to save
      them from their own bloody mess they have made. The world that humanity
      has made is not a reflection of the world it is a reflection of them.
      Their stomach works better than their head. And it ain't good
      enough. Their existing ideals are not fit to feed to the pigs; and half
      the world seems to be on drugs as a cop-out to doing anything positive.
      Today? No thank you.

      Anyway; you did ask.


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