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A Priori Knowledge?

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  • Dick.
    A Priori Knowledge? [ Is there such a thing as a priori knowledge or does all knowing have to be derived from experience? ] What kind of a priori knowledge did
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2012
      A Priori Knowledge?

      [ Is there such a thing as a priori knowledge or does all knowing have
      to be derived from experience? ]

      What kind of a priori knowledge did you mean? Did you mean the type of
      `knowing' derived at by logical deduction in word-play or did
      you mean the type of knowing by hearsay of something which is known by
      somebody who does know it? For neither of those two types of
      `knowing' derive from one's own direct experience of a thing

      Logical deduction in playing word games does not prove the truth of
      anything. "I am married to this woman". How is logic going to
      prove the truth or falsity of that claim? `All bachelors are
      unmarried'. But we have previously decided what the words bachelor
      and married mean. It is a word game.

      But, we need words which point to things found if there is to be any
      communication. So each phenomena and variant thereof found needs a name
      in order to communicate about it. Thus words have a meaning. But does
      an invented word which points to nothing found have a meaning? Go back
      to a time before language was constructed then could there have been a
      knowing of something prior to that something having been found to exist?
      To KNOW has to have a thing which is KNOWN. Knowing isn't an empty
      jug. So, what do you know Joe?

      But what has to exist in order that KNOW can be KNOWN? There has to be a
      KNOWER. So what is that? A pint pot is a pint pot whether there is any
      fluid in it or not. And it has the capacity for holding a pint of fluid.
      How can it be made to have a two pint capacity? And if that is achieved
      then it will still be the same stuff but it will not be a pint pot.

      So, is hearsay (hearing something without personal experience of it)
      knowledge or not? No, it is not KNOWING. It is knowing OF something,
      prior to the experience of it. But if you hear something then it may be
      true and it may not be true as far as the hearer of it is concerned. How
      would they KNOW if it was SO? They would NOT KNOW. So no, there is no
      such thing as a priori knowing. But assuming that somebody is telling
      somebody else of something which they truly know by their direct
      experience of that phenomena then the hearer of it has heard OF it. And
      they must do with that what they will until they find that thing for
      themselves. If they never do find it then that is not proof of anything
      except that they have not found it. So, best be very sceptical about
      claims made; for we do KNOW that human being can lie. But as for
      determining WHAT IS by way of logic and word games then that is
      ridiculous. The finding comes first and then the word for it comes after
      finding it.

      But then comes the far better question of as to how anything can exist
      to know anything. That is a mystery. And remember that an empty pint pot
      can always be filled up and then it will not be empty. If the CONTENT
      within the cup was KNOWLEDE then an empty cup would not know that it had
      none and that it was empty.

      There is a small river which runs close by to here which has been named
      the Doniford Stream. You could read a million articles about it and have
      a million people tell you about it, and you could accept the truth of it
      (or not) but you still would not KNOW it. You would only know OF it.
      Unless you went there of course. Then you would KNOW it.

      Dick Richardson

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