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  • Dick.
    The NOT HERE? [ I do not subscribe to any religion either, but I find myself intrigued with what you call the `not here . How many times have you found this
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2012
      The NOT HERE?

      [ I do not subscribe to any religion either, but I find myself intrigued
      with what you call the `not here'. How many times have you
      found this `not here' during your lifetime? Would not finding it
      ten or twenty times during your life, and being the same each time, give
      more credence to it? And what if it was not the same each time? ]

      :- ) NO ! You cannot find yourself IN IT twice let alone ten times or
      twenty times or a million times; that is impossible :- ) I have
      explained all this in the book, for they were asking that question near
      on fifty years ago before I wrote them down :- )

      The reason you cannot find yourself in it twice is because it is beyond
      memory. You cannot be in it and remember being there before. Neither can
      you think. So you could not think to yourself `Oh I remember being
      here before :- ))) So, you don't even need it twice in one lifetime.
      But you need it once.

      However, suppose somebody went there twice or thrice, or three hundred
      times in one lifetime; and they could remember all those occasions of
      going there. So what? It would be the same each time, so no more would
      be learned and understood. Once is all you need. It IS what it IS and
      you find out what it IS by going there once. MAYBE I have been there a
      million times, but who cares, for I cannot remember that. There is no
      reason to think that I have been there a million times and there is no
      reason to think that I have not been there a million times. It just
      ain't important. There is no reason to even think about that.

      Moreover, the term NOT HERE does not just apply to that mode of Being.
      What about the journey through Limbo; or as I usually call it Crossing
      the Styx? For that is not here either. So where the frig IS IT? It is
      the journey down through your system of emanation (the Psyche). That is
      an extremely common experience, as I have said a thousand times before.
      And that is indeed different every time. But Limbo is only the journey
      to the Ground of Being. Do you see?

      So, NOT HERE applies to both. It really means NOT IN SPACETIME life.
      They are BOTH transcendent of Spacetime life. But LIMBO is not
      transcendent of time. For things change there. But the Ground of Being
      IS transcendent of Time, and nothing there changes or evolves. So, the
      Ground of Being is not a lifetime; it is LIFE. In it is root of Being.
      It is ME where I start. It is Home. Do you see? How do you KNOW that
      it is home while there? Well, that is not easy to answer I am afraid.
      You just KNOW it. It is axiomatic and unarguable. It is mysterious.
      And will always remain so. We have knowledge and understanding in the
      Ground of Being. But don't ask me how it got there for there is no
      way of finding that out. But it is there. And once you KNOW it then it
      becomes one's own private guide book on behaviour here. You only
      need it ONCE. That does the job. But you will not find it here or in
      spacetime. And that is a fact. You have to go where IT IS. We are
      constructed of THREE parts. And that requires a mysterious journey
      through the sub conscious and Limbo. I hope that has helped a little.
      But best find it for yourself, then you will KNOW. BUT, as I have also
      said before, DONT mess with the psyche and sub conscious, for it is a
      veritable Pandora's box of weird stuff. But go there willingly when
      you hear the Sirens call from the depths. You will be just fine.

      In the meantime try and enjoy your life. And give some of it away. A joy
      shared is better than a pain shared. And so many of them try to make it
      a valley of bloody tears don't they. So, be different.

      Dick Richardson

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