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Death and Judgement?

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  • Dick.
    Death and Judgement? [ Most if not all of the major Western religions have this credo of death and a judgment, and from which they will either be saved or, or
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      Death and Judgement?

      [ Most if not all of the major Western religions have this credo of
      death and a judgment, and from which they will either be saved or, or
      whatever. Where do you think this idea comes from? ]

      Politics. There is nothing quite as effective for putting the fear of
      some judgmental cretin in your path when you leave here :- ))))) If it
      did not work on people to control their behaviour then it would not be
      effective. But plainly it works; so they used it :- ) THAT is where it
      comes from, and the reason for it. The people love to be fooled so
      fooled let them be. It plays up to the emotions, especially fear, well
      indeed. But if they did not fall for it then of course it would not
      work and they would all be out of a job. Added to which of course is
      that people cannot know what it is like when they are not here if they
      have never experienced the not here. And because of that some of them
      find themselves open to all the crap which is invented for them to
      believe in. You know well enough that it works, just look around you;
      the world is full of this shit.

      When I left here the only judgment I found was me judging myself and the
      life I had left behind. Given that it was over I was assessing as to
      what had been important to me. I have written about it. The only other
      judgment I encountered was when that journey through Limbo was over and
      I was in the eternal domain of the Ground of Being. And I judged living
      that to be good. But while there I knew nothing else anyway, I could not
      remember any of this out here or any past life.

      So, when I came back I found that life there was good and so was life
      here good. So wherein is the problem? There wasn't one. The only
      problem I ever found (in life here) was in trying to rationally
      understand some things and blend it all into a synthesis. But it was not
      really a problem it was more a fun activity. I always loved tackling
      problems and trying to solve them. That is why I liked chess so much
      when I was a kid, for it totally consumed the mind for a while on
      something which was, for me, highly enjoyable activity; and every move
      was a different problem to solve. This is why when the game was over
      the addiction was to immediately start another one, and off you go again
      :- ) Sometimes I have played chess all through the night, and never even
      got tired :- ) The energy was boundless.

      Most of the real problems in daily life here however is simply getting
      enough food and drink to keep the show going. So, if somebody is
      preventing you from getting what you need of that then take them out,
      get them out of your way. REVOLUTION ! WAR ! if need be. If you win then
      you get enough grub. If you lose you will not be bothered about grub
      anyway :- )))) If you cannot get enough grub by the rules which they
      make then don't play by their rules. But you don't need more
      grub than you need, so don't be greedy. Greed will bugger your life
      up. When you ain't hungry then don't eat, just live. Do things.
      There is so much to live here for. And let us face it, it does not last
      very long does it. So, do things while you have the chance to do them.
      You will not do them when you ain't here. And that is a fact.

      Hey, in the West there is also this `philosophy' of DO AS YOU
      WILL. Not that I concur with it. However, if you do do as you like all
      the time it is a good way of finding out what works for the best or not
      :- )))) It would be a reasonable way of learning. So, if you wish, do
      as you like and see the effects of it. You will soon change your ways in
      some things.

      Dick Richardson

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