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Sporadic or Steady State?

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  • Dick.
    Sporadic or Steady State? [ How do you feel about the question of movement in an evolving process of becoming. Some kind of sporadic movement or more like a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2012
      Sporadic or Steady State?

      [ How do you feel about the question of movement in an evolving process
      of becoming. Some kind of sporadic movement or more like a steady state
      of unfolding? ]

      Personally I would find the question interesting but rather academic,
      unless there were some easily accessible method of collecting data and
      evidence on that. Hence, in the meantime I can only guess. And you know
      how I feel about guessing :- ) But if I were to take a walk on the wild
      side and hazard a guess then I would go for sporadic not steady state.
      Or periods of rest and then periods of movement.

      But the problem with a question like this is that we are talking of the
      inner not the outer. And also the collective of the inner. So, there is
      the individual personal aspect to this, but each person is a living part
      of a society – or life in one place or area. But even if one were
      to look at objective phenomena then even then there are principles and
      causations. How long does it take for water to turn into ice? It
      depends on the climate in which the water is doesn't it. How long
      does it take for an object to fall to the centre of gravity? It depends
      on many circumstances does it not?

      How long does it take a society to change from a hunter gatherer society
      to that of a settled and organised community? What is needed for that to
      happen? Individualism plays a part in this doesn't it. Society
      changes because somebody finds something which will make it change. But
      they don't all find it at the same time. But once something is done
      in material terms then they can all more or less use it at the same
      time. So awareness plays a part in its own evolutionary unfolding. Any
      given human society today depends on things done in the past. If the
      past did not exist then there would be nothing now. But the past does
      not exist now, so I cannot access it. Nor can I access tomorrow until
      tomorrow becomes now. So I am always observing the effect of change NOW.
      And maybe rest is necessary for movement to then come about.

      The only evidence which I can call direct evidence is in personal change
      in one short lifetime. That was sporadic; from the conscious view of it.
      That is to say moments of rest and moments of movement and change. Now,
      if that was a general rule then the answer to your question would
      definitely be sporadic. Movement, rest, and then more change. Not an
      organised gradual overall, fixed rate of progress. Is this or that kind
      of social structure and way of like more or less amenable to change than
      that society and way of life? And what kind and rate of change if any?
      If you need to drink then will you get water from a stone? Is there a
      set rate of time for finding water? Would the whole tribe find it at the
      same moment? So, it seems to me that change comes about in fits and
      starts, and that which is needed for change has to be found and then
      applied to that which is able to change because of it. But what goes on
      that we don't yet know about??? In order to KNOW that we must find
      it, not guess at it. But for answers then you just have to keep looking.
      And while not dumping the ones you have already found. Complex isn't
      it :- ))) As my old granny used to say, `Nuffink ain't
      easy'. So, don't lose sight (and understanding) of what you have
      got and then move on with it. IF you turn down into a dead end road then
      you are just gonna have to turn around and come back again, and then
      move on from there in a new direction. So, the potential for stagnation
      sure does exist. But knowing that you are wrong is positive knowledge.
      Not knowing that you are wrong is stagnation. But stagnation is not the
      same as natural repose which is needed to digest what one has just
      learned and understood and to then make use of it.


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