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The Blue Hills Arrived

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  • Dick.
    The Blue Hills Arrived Dear SuZ. Your book, The Blue Hills Diary, arrived safely yesterday (31stOctober) at mid day. Many thanks. Owing to being busy for a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2012
      The Blue Hills Arrived

      Dear SuZ. Your book, The Blue Hills Diary, arrived safely yesterday
      (31stOctober) at mid day. Many thanks. Owing to being busy for a
      couple of days I did not intend to read it until the weekend. But I
      thought I would just flick through the pages after opening it up while
      having a coffee. Before I knew where I was I found that I had read
      seventy of the 288 pages, and my coffee had got cold :- )))

      Still a long way to go yet. But what I found was quite amazing. For an
      academic you put many poets to shame. Your lyrical prose makes people
      like Coleridge, Wordsworth and Blake, look like bumbling amateurs. I
      could sure never write like that all the time that I had fingers to hold
      a pen. They cannot teach you that at university chum.

      At first I thought I was getting a really good insight into womanhood
      – something a man can never really know. But I soon found out that
      it was far more than that, and that not all women are like that (I wish
      they were :- ) but it was an exquisite epitome of combining the inner
      life with that of the outer work-a-day life, and the things which we
      have to do, to make it all hang together well with no drastic separation
      of the parts. Have any of the others told you that? Hence why even the
      first few pages were so addicting. And you plainly see and feel so much
      and so deeply which many people do not seem to do; or certainly never
      mention if they do.

      The whole of page 60 was quite incredible, albeit a little sad, and such
      things do happen all too often. All too often I hear people using the
      term `what it is to be human'. But they don't tell me what
      it is to be human. So, what IS IT to be human and what is that like I
      wonder? It seems to make us all sound to be the same thing. With such a
      vast range of variety of types of human beings and their capabilities,
      likes and dislikes, wants and needs, and the various depths to which
      they can live their life and also get things done, it is plainly obvious
      that there is no such thing as to `what it is to be to be
      human'. This is why I get cross when so many of them all keep saying
      `WE', as if everything about them applied to everything about
      everyone else. I wonder how many of them could decide to live your life
      :- ) Only one person can ever do that. You.

      Having read only seventy pages as yet it reminds me why I tell mystics
      to write books. And if they happen to be academics with a good
      education then all the better. So, you see, I was right :- ) I hope it
      gets a good circulation and takes some of the inhibitions away from
      others to get out there and live it; and write of it for the record.
      Instead of society living in a big lonely silent hush. We could change
      the world if they all decided to you know. And yes you are dread right;
      when writing it all out one lives it and feels it all over again, and as
      though time has stopped moving. Quite amazing isn't it, and I know a
      bit about that myself :- ) And yes indeed, that there is some place here
      which attracts us like a magnet, like the Blue Hills did for you even
      though you have lived all over the USA is exactly what I felt, and still
      feel, about this small plot called Exmoor. Such places just bring one
      fully alive and buzzing. As though we were made for each other. I sure
      know that to be absolutely true. It is one of those things which cannot
      be denied; fight it rationally though one may :- ) Feelings and passions
      run all the way to Eternity. Reason does not. But they make good
      travelling companions while here. So, use both of them eh, and let them
      unite into one package. So I tell them to use their head and use their
      heart. But they can stuff their religions and their inflicted beliefs
      and silly rituals.

      Many thanks.

      Dick Richardson

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