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  • Dick.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes ma am, that is very kind of you. Sorry to hear about all that, and the pain. I too was awake early due to pain in one of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2012
      Thank you for the birthday wishes ma'am, that is very kind of you.
      Sorry to hear about all that, and the pain. I too was awake early due to
      pain in one of my legs. Had quite a lot of it lately and it is too sever
      to sleep through, and no pills will take it away. Only getting up makes
      it easier. Albeit that I would rather not get up at two in the morning.
      But there you go. No choice really. But fortunately I have only known
      such pains since the age of seventy. So I have been lucky. Many people
      are not so lucky. But you cannot take pains with you when you go.

      You mention having a fear of going. Nobody is going to be able to talk
      you out of that. So perhaps the best thing that you can do is simply try
      not think about it. Or try to stop thinking about it at least. Or think
      about the day at hand. But that may be more about the pains involved in
      going rather than going itself. It does seem that some have a few years
      of pains and some don't, they just pop off quick. But one of the
      things about pain is that it cannot take ones dignity away from one, no
      matter how much pain there is. Pain is something which we have, but it
      is not something which we are. So that is worth keeping in mind.

      Yes, the big advantage of being born on the night of Halloween is that
      it is an easy date to remember. I can never remember birthdays, I have
      to be told by my wife that it is so and so's birthday :- ) So it is
      a bit like being born on all fools day or Yuletide; easy to remember;
      but it is handy to be able to remember one's own birthday, for you
      can remind people in advance that way :- ))) With a bit of luck it
      might even give them a guilt complex if they then forget it ;- ) Yes I
      did come here some years ago, as you so kindly remind me, so I ought to
      be getting better at things by now ought I not. Trouble is that I forget
      the things that I am bad at. But never mind, for everybody keeps
      reminding me :- ))) They are damned good at that ain't they mate.
      Maybe they get a lot of practice at it ;- ) Don't worry about not
      understanding my English at times, for I don't either. It is also a
      crazy illogical language; for we pinch bits from all over the place. But
      it all adds to the fun.

      So, you have not developed your skills to become a Homo Ensophicus yet
      eh, well tut tut ma'am; subtract five house points and say ten hail
      mary's three times a day for six weeks :- ))) So do what I do and
      keep banging on the door; the bloody thing will push open one day :- )

      So, you might have to have an operation, and that scares you. I have
      never had one but I hear tell that many of them are very successful,
      they are getting quite good at that sort of thing these days. Well I did
      have a nose job done one day and they put you fast asleep before it. But
      the thing is you see is that if you wake up again then you know you have
      had it, but if you don't then you won't. So, no problem really
      eh. The great advantage of kicking the bucket is that there will be no
      more aches and pains. But the great advantage of not kicking the bucket
      is that you might get more chocolates next birthday. So, we are on a
      winner to nothing are we not. Keep smiling. You have to take life
      seriously but while doing that don't take seriously the taking of it
      seriously :- )))) Life here comes and goes, tis the way of things. I
      must say it is very weird indeed however, but there you go.


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