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Psychic Phenomena?

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  • Dick.
    Psychic Phenomena? [ Consciousness is a property not a thing or an object. NDE are not subject to the material sciences though they are of interest to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2012
      Psychic Phenomena?

      [ Consciousness is a property not a "thing" or an object. NDE are not
      subject to
      the material sciences though they are of interest to the psychologist.
      NDE are
      psychological phenomena not "psychic" phenomena. My only point was not
      to imply a wholesale condemnation of the possibility of consciousness
      manifesting without
      the necessity of a living person (though it is difficult for me to see
      that as a
      very coherent idea) but rather I was making a specific comment about the
      of that particular claim in that particular link. ]

      I would like to hear about your study of phenomenology and what exactly
      have you made a study of? Everything which exists is a phenomenon and
      no matter what form it takes. You say that NDE's are not Psychic
      Phenomena but a Psychological phenomena. So what does that mean? Psyche
      means self, psychology means the study of ourselves. We all have things
      in common and we all have things which make us individual and unique. Is
      not the self worth studying? NDE's are of interest to the person
      that has that experience, they are also interesting to anyone who
      chooses to study that phenomenon whether they have had one or not. And
      what motivates a person to study this or that phenomenon? I have no idea
      how many people are interested in mystical experience, millions of them,
      and throughout all human existence, but they don't have to have had
      a mystical experience to be interested in it. To study something is to
      be devoted to learning about that phenomena. Some people spend their
      lives devoted to one phenomena, and really get deep into that interest,
      others (like myself) can be devoted to many many things to this or that
      degree of interest in it and wanting to study it. Is there anybody who
      is not interested in something? Even if it were only as to where is the
      next meal coming from. We have a whole cosmological variety of things to
      study and have an interest in. I have known people who spent most of
      their life studying the Arthurian Legends would you believe. Have you
      ever studied the Penny Black postage stamp? Many people have. How about
      the white light of annihilation? Have you studied that? That will take
      your breath away :- )))) Have you experienced it? If you have then you
      will be in a small minority.

      Dick Richardson

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