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The love in eternity?

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  • Dick.
    The love in eternity? [ Try and find anybody talking about the love in eternity on the internet. I looked and found nothing. Gurus and mystics don t seem to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2012
      The love in eternity?

      [ Try and find anybody talking about the love in eternity on the
      internet. I looked and found nothing. Gurus and mystics don't seem
      to talk about love in eternity. Yet you talk about it. Is the love in
      eternity anything like the love we know here? ]

      This is something that I have been very surprised about over the last
      forty years. The fact that folks ask so many questions but they
      don't ask that one. I wonder why that is. And as you point out why
      don't all the gurus and mystics say anything about it? You can work
      that one out for yourself. They waffle on about consciousness and
      quantum physics and gawd only knows what crap, but they never say
      anything, and they sure never talk about this. The most important thing
      of the lot about it. They are like barrow boys who have got nothing on
      their barrow to sell. They ain't mystics mate they are shmystics and
      shite hawks.

      However, to your question. Is love there like it is here. Yes and no.
      When here we have to have something to love; no matter what it is it has
      to be a something or a somebody. But in eternity it is not like that at
      all. It is not a love for some thing. It is just love. It seems
      impossible to make an analogy. A good one might be this. When it comes
      to consciousness it is ONLY ever the content of consciousness which we
      know, we cannot know and experience consciousness devoid of some
      content. But imagine that consciousness was love then it would be just
      consciousness but with no content. The best that I can describe it is
      in saying it is the love of BEING. Existing, TO BE.

      So, there is nothing there to be in love WITH. The perceived environment
      there is very nice but one is not in love with that. So, it is simply
      where love IS and where it

      comes from. The I AM there (which is you) IS IT. It is not only the
      first mode of conscious existence but it is the place of love and it is
      the place of KNOWING and understanding. And it is also the place of
      vision. But it is the quantity of it there, the volume, and it never
      runs dry or changes. The love there is eternal and unending and
      unchanging. If the love we known here were like a candle flame then the
      love there would be like trillion watts of power. You could not live
      here and operate with all that love inside of you. It would be like
      trying to operate after eating a million meals in one go. But love is
      love no matter the amount or how diluted. The love we know here simmers
      down after a while, it does not stay on the boil all the time. But there
      it stays on the boil all the time you are there, for time does not move
      and nothing changes. Strange eh. All the Essences are Eternal. That is
      where they come from, like a well that never runs dry.

      Yup, you don't find these gnostics and shmostics and shmystics
      talking about it. That is because they don't know it. They don't
      have this eternal gnosis of what we are in the Ground of Being. And they
      can't hear when you do talk to them. And they call themselves the
      wise knower's of the known. HUH ! Bring one of them to me.
      Religions HAVE fucked them up. And they have about as much passion in
      them as a damp squid. People who don't know that part of themselves
      but say nothing are fine, but those who don't know and make out they
      do know are a pox on society and a blemish on life itself. And those who
      DO know it and say nothing are a pain in the arse. Oopps, you got me
      going there lad :- )))


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