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The Mid Winter Festival?

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  • Dick.
    The Mid Winter Festival? [ What is the mid winter festival for you? I realise that you call it the yule tide. ] It is the celebration of a bank holiday and two
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      The Mid Winter Festival?

      [ What is the mid winter festival for you? I realise that you call it
      the yule tide. ]

      It is the celebration of a bank holiday and two days off work for
      everybody at mid winter, except it is not mid winter, and except for
      those who work on it. I gather that in the old days it was the
      celebration of the return of the light after the longest hours of
      darkness. But for me, and for us, it is not really a celebration at all.
      It is couple of days off work where the family and maybe a few friends
      gather for some good food, some laughs and some games, and for Santa to
      come down the chimney with some goodies of course :- ))) And a time for
      an expensive bottle of the best spirit. I have always looked forward to
      Yuletide and always enjoyed it. Some wonderful memories of some
      wonderful times had by all. After which we can all get back to normal
      life and say never again. But we always do it again :- ))) The worst
      part about Yuletide is clearing up the bloody mess after it. But you
      have a year to do it. Some say that every day should be like that, but
      if it was I would get the first rocket ship to Mars and not come back.
      Once a year is enough. The Yule by the way is the big log which you put
      on the fire while you stuff the food after stuffing the Turkey.
      Obviously you cannot light the fire until after Santa has been or he
      would burn his arse. So it is a good job that he comes in the middle of
      the night while we are all snoring, innit. In all these years the git
      has never failed to turn up. MAGIC. I often wonder how Santa keeps
      clean after coming down a few billion chimneys in one night. So, a magic
      costume too I guess. Don't forget to keep a glass of whisky on the
      mantelpiece for him and a mince pie for each of the buggers that pull
      his cart all night. Or he might not come back next year. I wonder if he
      does China too. Hey, I wonder how long he will be allowed to drink and
      drive and park on the roof? Good job we have not got double yellow lines
      on our roof or a thirty mile an hour speed limit around here. But with a
      whisky and mince pies he can go at the speed of light. Guess he needs
      to, to get the job done. And with a few billion glasses of whisky I
      could go at the speed of light too. And make sure that your chimney does
      not smoke for they have banned smoking too. What a sad miserable lot
      they are these days. Guess they will ban breathing and laughing soon.
      Thou shall not have fun. You can have that when you are dead, but not in
      life. OK?

      Do you remember that big building on the corner which morons set fire to
      in the Tottenham riot a while back – that is where I used to go to
      see Santa when I was a twig. It was a huge Cooperative Department Store
      in those days, the finest you ever did see. We had to dress up posh to
      go there; and we went by submarine into Santa's magic den in the
      basement. It was a sight for sore eyes to be sure. I hear tell along
      the grape vine that Yule is the time for children. Well, ain't we
      all? If you ever lose that bit you will be an empty sack. So don't
      let them rob you of that. Hallelujah. And one for the road. I also hear
      some say that the world is ending about that time; so that will save
      clearing up if it does. I think I will open a book on it and give you a
      million to one against. So send your Pounds Dollars and Yen to Merlin at
      the cave. Before Yuletide. If I lose and the world ends I will pay you
      out your million whatever in the new year.


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