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What constitutes the good life?

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  • Dick.
    What constitutes the good life? [ There has always been so much talk about the good life, but to me it seems that this must be relative to the individual
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2012
      What constitutes the good life?

      [ There has always been so much talk about the good life, but to me it
      seems that this must be relative to the individual without there being
      such a thing as the good life in general terms for everybody. What do
      you feel about this? ]

      How could it be anything but relative to the individual? What do
      different people need and want? What constitutes the good life for
      them? If somebody is living the good life then would they know it at the
      time or would they be seeking for something more? If they feel that they
      are not living the good life then what would make it so? Can you know in
      advance of living the good life as to what would make it so? How would
      they know in advance? But there are no doubt some things which might
      apply over the board. When young and setting out in life a person cannot
      say to themselves that was a good life or it wasn't a good life as
      one can judge that at the end of life when it is about done :- )

      I would imagine that every parent wants their children to have a good
      life while having their own ideas as to what they would like for them.
      But for the large part this seems to be done by simply subtracting what
      they see as things preventing a good life from happening and not so much
      set ideas as to what would constitute a good life for them.

      Personally I cannot recall ever setting out to look for a good life but
      simply to try and make some aspects better than they were if I felt that
      they were not as good as they could be in some aspects of life. But I
      had no set ideas as to what was needed for a good life. I never actually
      sat thinking about `a good life', I just got on with living it.
      But I did know at the time as to what could be subtracted from what was
      going on at the time which would make it better. If, for example
      somebody was in ill health then presumably they would seek or want for
      that which eliminated those things which were causing that. If possible.
      But I could never seek for good health for I already had it. I have
      certainly known times when young that a little more food would have been
      in order, albeit that I was plainly getting just about enough to
      maintain good health. But getting it was a lot of work and hassle. But
      things got easier as time rolled by. I also could not go looking for
      happiness for I was already happy and enjoying life. I had no sense of
      anything missing or any dire needs which had to be satiated by acquiring
      something which I did not already have. So where do you go from there?

      So, by and large I always had enough food and drink, some place to call
      home, and shelter from the elements. Enough of what it took to earn
      enough to pay the bills and for a few wants, and things always seemed
      reasonable enough. Nobody ever prevented me from doing things which I
      wanted to have a go at or to do. I always found opportunities to try
      different things. So what more could one want or need? Is that not
      living the good life? If somebody was without food and drink and some
      place to live then that could hardly constitute the good life could it.
      So, many things can be taken into account for a satisfactory or
      reasonable life. But beyond that I have no idea what `the good
      life' is or what it is supposed to mean. But one could certainly see
      things which would prevent a reasonable life from being lived.

      Looking back in hindsight I find it to have been just fine. Maybe some
      people expect too much and are disappointed or dejected because they did
      not achieve what they wanted to have. I was never the type to chase
      after `willow-the-wisps'. For me, then so long as life was not
      bad then it was good :- ) As I have said many times before, I always
      found life to be exciting and a good adventure. I enjoyed it. A few
      cloudy moments at times but they pass. So, I certainly cannot prescribe
      as to what would constitute the good life for anyone beyond that of
      eliminating things witch prevent people from having what they need in
      order to get on with living it. If somebody always wants more then
      presumably they are never going to be satisfied with life.

      All the thing I have done of my own volition worked fine. Nearly all the
      things which happened not of my volition were also fine, just a few
      could have been better. So on the scales of balance it comes down on the
      side of fine. So what more luck could one want than that.

      Hey, I always fancied having an antique shop, but I never got one :- ))
      Bit late now. But never mind. I have just been invited away for
      Yuletide. I never go away for Yuletide for I like it at home. But they
      have made it sound so attractive that I cannot refuse. So that will be
      something different. Yuletide in somebody else's house, and all the
      whisky and cigars than one could want. Can you imagine that? It will
      save my wife from cooking for seven or eight people :- ) So, if I live
      that long I will be off to London for Yuletide :- ))) Providing I
      survive Halloween :- )) I remember my first ones up there during the
      war. They were grim times. But we had a lot of fun nevertheless.

      Grab the day, and do something with it.


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