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Running Wild?

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  • Dick.
    Running Wild? [ You mentioned in your book about the latch door kids and a kind of running wild or feral when young, and also about having initial mystical
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2012
      Running Wild?

      [ You mentioned in your book about the latch door kids and a kind of
      running wild or feral when young, and also about having initial mystical
      experiences at that time. Do you think the two were connected in any
      way, a kind of raw naturalism perhaps? ]

      Feral? I thought feral meant something going from being domesticated to
      living alone in the wild and being abandoned :- ) I never did that.
      Wild? Only at times :- ) A kind of naturalism? Well, maybe in some ways
      perhaps. I always had a good caring home. Not only that but I enjoyed
      my home, humble though it was. But it was always cosy and I loved
      spending time alone at home doing things which interested me. Drawing,
      building things, learning about things, experimenting with things; etc.
      And yes, we were out nearly all day for much of the time, and doing all
      kinds of things. It was a freedom which kids don't seem to have any
      more. But it was due to the times and the place; and of course the side
      of the social tracks which one was born into.

      There was also the thing about being a bit feral in the abandonment of
      any real state education, but we did not abandon it, it abandoned us, it
      wasn't there. But we did not miss it because we had never had it.
      Much like the national health service, you cannot miss what you have
      never had. But learning is a natural thing and kids do it whether they
      are asked to, told to, or forced to or not. So I did it my way. But I
      don't see how any of this has anything to do with the beginning of a
      mystical life. Mystical experience is plainly down to a sensitivity for
      it. I found childhood to be a wonderful and exciting time. It would have
      been impossible for my own children to have had a childhood like my own,
      because of the times and the circumstances. NOT that I am advocating
      those circumstances, far from it.

      But the kernel of this question is one which I have been asked so many
      times since I wrote the books – how to become a mystic. I don't
      know. How does one become sensitive to it??? It was just there all the
      time. And as I have said, I did not run away from it. And like most
      other things it just grew. I did not have to practice anything.

      I have often made analogies with Radio. How does a receiver pick up
      this or that broadcast frequency from around the world? You know about
      the E layers presumably. Signals bounce back from these various layers
      and you can pick them up by tuning in to them with the right equipment
      when the conditions are right. Look it up if you don't know it. So,
      what exists for us to pick up with the mind and consciousness? In
      picking up mystical experiences you are only picking up stuff within us
      which we are made of, that is all. But one does not have to tune in with
      any knobs and there are no dials telling you what frequency you are on.
      But where the signals are coming from is obvious. But I know well enough
      that beauty as seen out there is catalytic in helping to tune in the
      receiver to the right reflective inner layers of our being and acting
      like the stuff which opens the valves to deeper levels of our being. And
      one is just sensitive to all this.

      The tragedy is that religions stole mystical experiences and put
      themselves in charge of it, and people fell for it. That is why I had to
      write about it, because it is a fraudulent LIE and a prostitution of
      what we are and the way we are constructed. To what degree no education
      might have protected me from having to dump that kind of shit is hard to
      say, for you cannot talk about what you never had. But running wild had
      nothing to do with this. When folks ask me WHY one has all this I have
      to ask them why they don't, for it IS so natural. Like seeing and
      breathing is. But some of them get cross when you cannot tell them how
      to see or breath. Mystical experience just comes, so be there and
      don't run away from it when it does come. But you can put yourself
      in the path of it by being natural and observing and feeling all the
      beauty which you can see and feel in something or other. Beauty IS one
      of the tuning knobs. And it is all around you. And that is a fact.

      Have a strange day :- )

      Dick Richardson

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