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Developing the no belief attitude?

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  • Dick.
    Developing the no belief attitude? [ How and when did you come to develop this no belief attitude of yours? ] Huh ! I have never been asked that question
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2012
      Developing the no belief attitude?

      [ How and when did you come to develop this no belief attitude of yours?

      Huh ! I have never been asked that question before :- ))) A far better
      question would be to ask people HOW and WHY they developed a belief
      attitude or symptom. See what they say.

      But I never did develop a no belief attitude, I was just born that way.
      Let me give you a simple example. I don't know a damn thing about
      1937. Albeit that I can hear and read a lot about 1937; but I don't
      know if it is true; or which bits may be true or are true. I don't
      really know damn all about 1938, the year I was born in. But I began to
      become aware of being aware of things by 1939 and certainly by 1940
      – but only as those events related to me and my own experience. So,
      what do YOU KNOW?

      Anything which I don't know remains unknown to me until I do know
      something about it. I don't see how anybody can take that as being
      complicated or odd. So, how can I ever know anything about 1937? I
      can't ever know anything about it. Other than hearsay. And I do not
      trust hearsay. So, I listen to it and leave it at that. Two people give
      you totally conflicting reports of an event on a certain date; so what
      do you do with that information? Decide to believe one of them and
      reject the other maybe? Why bother to do either? If you know both of
      these people very well you might be able to get a feel of each of them,
      but that is not proof that they are right or wrong.

      So, ARE we born different in some ways or do we pick up ALL our
      characteristics while here? Do you know? Do you know for sure? I
      don't ever recall deciding not to hold beliefs about things. But
      throughout life I have discovered that people can LIE. They can also
      just get something wrong without deliberately telling a lie. But it
      amounts to the same effect – they are wrong. So that has emphasised
      and substantiated my holding no beliefs about hearsay or anything else.

      So, for me, it is about life experience as it is found. Now, some might
      argue that life experience counts for nothing at all. OK fine, if that
      is so. But life experience is ALL I HAVE. What else is there? But then
      again, life experience might not be a load of crap. But whatever it is
      then it is all I have got. Ipso. So, what correlations exist between
      peoples life experience? To what degree are we the same and to what
      degree are we different? If we are the same then why? If we are
      different then why?

      The other day somebody was asking me about the beauty of the autumn
      leaves. I too see beauty in the autumn leaves. But they then went on to
      tell me why the leaves look that way. My reply was that I am not
      interested in as to why they look that way, I am interested in that they
      DO look that way, for that is the finished product and that is what I
      live among. That is how IT IS and how I find it to be NOW. I have to
      live in it. And I like it :- )))) They also tell me all about the big
      bang. But I like it as it is NOW. I am interested in life AS IT IS for
      me. I hope others enjoy it too. I live in each day as it comes. Nobody
      can live it for me; only me. Some weeks ago I had a pain in the chest,
      but I did not have to believe it or disbelieve it, for there it was.
      Then a while later it was gone.

      So, why would anybody want me to believe something? And what exactly
      would they like me to believe. And WHY? How would it benefit them if I
      did? No, I never did believe anything and I never will. But I know what
      I have lived through and how I felt about various thing. If I am
      different from some of them then so be it. I am not complaining. I have
      never ever asked anybody to be like me. In my childhood nobody ever told
      me that I had to believe something. I was advised to get out there and
      learn what I could. So I guess that helped too. I have always advised my
      children to do that too. It seems to work reasonably well. If there is a
      better teacher of life than life itself then fine; but I am happy enough
      with life experience AS IS. I am an AS IS ian or an AS IS ionist :-
      )))) Like it or lump it. I don't think I am alone in that by the
      way. So they can take all their LIEFS and stick them up a dark place
      where they sun does not shine. I don't want them.

      Dick Richardson

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