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Self Consciousness?

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  • Dick.
    Self Consciousness? [ With all the interest these days in the phenomenon of consciousness in the sciences and psychology, and maybe even cosmology, there seems
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      Self Consciousness?

      [ With all the interest these days in the phenomenon of consciousness in
      the sciences and psychology, and maybe even cosmology, there seems to be
      little talk and mention of self consciousness as an individuation; the
      act of personalised consciousness of an individual. But I would question
      as to whether there is such a thing as consciousness other than as
      individualised. How do you find this? ]

      Exactly the same. But I find many things which never seem to be
      mentioned. If you have been around here for a while you will know that I
      use the expressions self consciousness and SELF consciousness for
      simplicity. Nor do I find much talk or interest in the content of
      consciousness. That is to say what people are conscious of.

      That we all share this consciousness, as we do feet and hands, then that
      does not imply there is such a phenomenon as FEET or HANDS in their own
      right independent of people having feet and hands. Same too with
      consciousness. I for one have never found a phenomenon called
      consciousness which we all share a little bit of, as like we can all
      have a slice of one cake or a drink from one reservoir. Exactly the
      same too with life. I have never found a phenomenon called life
      independent of all the manifest life forms.

      Up until the age of near on my mid twenties I had always been amazed by
      this incredible thing called self consciousness, it seemed to me to be
      impossible on the one hand yet self evident on the other. One could not
      argue it away. But at the time I knew nothing at all about SELF
      consciousness. The bit that is still me but not the me here in space and
      time; and in which the content of consciousness was totally different to
      what it is here in space and time. I don't hear much talk about that
      bit either :- ) WHY NOT? Because they don't know it.

      But then when I did discover SELF consciousness I was amazed. Something
      SO different yet it was still me, a personalised consciousness. It was
      not somebody else and it was not a collective consciousness, it was just
      ME. So, perhaps you can imagine how I felt about discovering that. I
      found little point in mentioning it for you would just get blank looks
      or taken to be a bloody idiot. The rest I have documented and it is now
      history. Once in a while you come across somebody with whom you can
      talk with about it all, but not a lot. It still floats in a vacuum of
      incredulity. I tried everything within my means to argue it away. But it
      would not go away. It is irrefutable as well as being axiomatic. So too
      are the continuing effects of knowing it. So, that is the times we are
      living in here; the state of the art of Knowledge and Understanding.
      Like still being in the dark ages. So, for me at least, the phenomenon
      of self consciousness, and which includes SELF consciousness (as its
      root), is still the most amazing thing which I know. To try and find out
      HOW being conscious arises seems to be impossible. But nonetheless one
      cannot deny that it does, for I am IT. However, it is still the case
      that my interest is NOT consciousness but rather the content of
      consciousness, that which I can become consciously aware of and
      experience. Life is extremely mysterious, exciting and fun. And nothing
      illuminates the darkness as does life and being conscious. Especially in
      both modes. But the mode here is more interesting for it knows and
      experiences more; and it can do things of its own volition. While here I
      am not the seed but the tree. Not the root but the manifestation of it.

      Dick Richardson

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