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The Cosmic Computer?

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  • Dick.
    The Cosmic Computer? [ What some people might envisage as a living god others might envisage as a cosmic computer. What, if anything, would you offer as some
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2012
      The Cosmic Computer?

      [ What some people might envisage as a living god others might envisage
      as a cosmic computer. What, if anything, would you offer as some kind of
      equivalent for this? ]

      A thing or process to construct everything which exists; has existed,
      and will exist? Well now, there is a thing eh. If something extant
      contained all the information, and the energy, and the ability, to
      envisage and then construct everything which exists then where would it
      have got that information and energy to perform it from? And what kind
      of a thing would it be?

      One of the first things that occurred to me shortly after the mystical
      transcendent event in the GOB was to wonder if anything physical really
      did exist at all, or was it all constructed in the mind. But IF that
      were the case then a mind had to exist with something sending it
      information to experience things of form and also experienced as
      objective entities to that of the perceiving mind. In roundabout ways we
      have done this question before. But a short while later it occurred to
      me that it would be easier for those things to actually exist than to
      create the illusion of them existing and planting that illusion in every
      mind that ever existed. So I did not buy that idea :- )

      But the question still remains as to how all this stuff exists; and
      exists to be experienced by an observer of it. The answer is that I
      don't know. But I do know that IT IS experienced by an observer. So, in
      one form or another the job is done. That the job IS done denotes ORDER
      as opposed to chaos and disorder. But unlike entropy I find that the
      ORDER increases with the unfolding of some implicate ORDER. Experience
      dictates to me that the more we evolve then the more we see, find,
      experience, know, and understand of this whole fabric of existence. But
      what the heck IS this Implicate Order which is unfolding and what is the
      Fabric which it is unfolding upon and within? No mean question is it? :-

      IF everything that could be done has been done before then all that
      information could be stored somewhere and then being transmitted out
      from whence it is stored in order to do the job; and with more being
      learned and recorded this time around. Then again all that which has
      been done and is being done now, might be being stored as information
      now. But we are diving deep here into the WHAT IFS. Why bother with the
      what ifs? Why not just carry on learning and see what turns up? I
      cannot even begin to imagine where all this information could be stored
      and how the process of construction from that information could happen.
      But I am glad that I don't have to do it :- )))) Sod that job. But as an
      observer I would love to observe everything which is capable of being
      observed and known by way of experience. So, for the time being I am
      more interested in my own original question of what exists to be
      experienced and what can I do with it. But in order to know EVERYTHING
      now you had best find one of those gurus who hang out on every street
      corner. They will tell you. I cannot. I am still learning.


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