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What Inspires?

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  • Dick.
    What Inspires? [ Talking of inspiration, and the effect of which is motivation in so many cases, what kinds of things inspirer a person most do you think? ]
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2012
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      What Inspires?

      [ Talking of inspiration, and the effect of which is motivation in so
      many cases, what kinds of things inspirer a person most do you think? ]

      What, apart from deep mystical experiences you mean? Well, it is hard to
      say for people can be inspired by so many different things, so you would
      have to ask each person and then find a short list of the most common
      occurring ones; so each of us can only speak for ourselves. But I could
      write a list of things which would be too long to write, and not even
      mentioning the degree and lasting effect of this or that kind of
      inspiring event, phenomena and experience :- ) An excellent question of
      course is as to how that which inspires does inspire. But I think I will
      give that one a miss :- ) Then again there is the question of its
      opposite, things which discourage and depress people.

      Probably one of the most common things which inspire so many people is
      music and art. But there is also much music and art which can depress
      people too; and encourage them to turn it off :- ) Another very common
      one it seems is the natural world around us, and also the celestial
      heavens, which are both spectacular and in such variety and extent.
      Also, a good fictional story or play or movie can inspire. Watching
      animals can inspire. A good moving speech can inspire. One of the things
      which inspired and motivated me most as a kid was ignorance. Knowing
      that one was ignorant. The void of knowing anything encouraged one to
      learn. Another was a railway line and my wondering where it went and
      what it was like there. The unending complexity and variations and the
      beauty in a chess position inspired me. Watching a baby grow in a womb
      is awe inspiring. Watching some people do this or that can be
      inspiring. But I found the most inspiring and moving thing of all was
      being in love with something or somebody. That never fails to work and
      it never dies. But, as I say, even a hedgerow cobweb in the morning dew
      can inspire, and so many other things that one could not write a list of
      them all. So, damned if I know. Nor do I know HOW they inspire. But as
      to the WHY they inspire then that is simple and obvious. And you said it
      yourself – to motivate. A thing of beauty alone is just that, but
      when it has a moving effect on one then that is something else. That is
      the harmonious dance of the two. The observer and the observed in
      unison. How amazing it is to be an observer. And that is the deepest and
      most profound mystery of them all. How and why something observes. Maybe
      many take it for granted. I don't and never did take it for
      granted. I was inspired and motivated by the fact of it for as long as I
      can remember; and still am.


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