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Evolution without that?

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  • Dick.
    Evolution without that? [ Have you ever thought about the evolution of humanity without the mystical link? ] No. Actually I do think much at all about the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2012
      Evolution without that?

      [ Have you ever thought about the evolution of humanity without the
      mystical link? ]

      No. Actually I do think much at all about the evolution of humanity; I
      suppose I am too much of a here and now type for wild speculation and
      the what if scenarios. My only link for thinking about this at all is
      due to the transforming effects of all the mystical and psychic events
      and the fact of humanity gradually becoming aware of more and more, and
      the sensory enhancement parts of all this. I suppose the nearest I came
      to doing that was in doing the novel. I have no way of knowing the
      future. But I know and remember quite a bit of the past :- )

      But without change there could be no evolution. There would just be one
      long tedious boredom of THE SAME. Pick any period from the past, or now,
      and where would you like to be stuck? Being stuck anywhere would not
      appeal to me. But that does not happen does it. So it is going
      somewhere. So where and how? That is the question.

      I have never yet seen a futuristic movie or story which did not make me
      squirm. They seem to have no imagination whatsoever and they are all
      dead crass; and invariably gung ho idiocy. There is nothing exciting and
      inspirational about them. But what are the type of things which change
      people and society other than the mystical and psychic events and
      attributes? More and more effective technology is one of them. Attaining
      a better cooperation between the intellect and emotions is another. A
      better imagination is another. Even mere attitude to life and
      expectations is another. Political reform and a wider and longer
      educational process is another. Eliminating much of the things which
      human beings fight and squabble about is another. Developing whatever
      talents a person has is another. Developing a unified world language
      would be another. Add them all together and that alone is a reasonable
      package. But evolution is all very time consuming isn't it, so it
      takes a while. And in a very short lifetime we do not see much evolution
      do we. But we see a bit of it, and it seems to be speeding up. But we
      also play a part in it. The outside is about done, work now depends on
      the inside. Getting ourselves right and fit for purpose. There is a long
      way to go in that project. When we can feel as much awe, wonder and
      inspiration when we observe a human being and society as we do with
      observing a sunset amid exquisite scenery then we will be getting
      somewhere worth being, and worth BEING. There are things which can take
      our breath way. When humanity and society can do that then we will have
      arrived. There are things deep within us which can do that now. But
      they must come out on to the surface. That will be it.

      Dick Richardson

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