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Shooting the Messenger?

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  • Dick.
    Shooting the Messenger? [ You mentioned that some years before the internet existed that you were told by book publishers that what you were writing would not
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2012
      Shooting the Messenger?

      [ You mentioned that some years before the internet existed that you
      were told by book publishers that what you were writing would not want
      be heard by their readers, so they squashed it, and even though they
      read it themselves. You have also mentioned much about the abuse and
      ridicule which you received on many discussion forms. This sort of thing
      has permeated all civilisations throughout time. You call it the
      suppression of knowledge, some call it shooting the messenger. It still
      goes on. ]

      Yes, indeed so. Moreover, it goes on in all walks of life. As for the
      book publishes it was not only the organisation but on a number of
      occasions it was the actual owner of the publishing company. I was told
      it over the phone on some occasions and direct to my face on another
      occasion. So, there was a vested interest at work. MONEY and or

      However this raises two issues not one. Folks on discussions forums
      were not ridiculing for the vested interest of money but simply due to
      their ignorance of it and their failure and refusal to try and listen to
      something which they did not know. This is very different to the
      deliberate suppression of knowledge and information by large well know
      established organisations for vested interests. Take for example an
      established church with millions of subscribers; their head people know
      what is what don't they, and none of their staff could ever do any
      wrong :- )))) And as for saints, well they are untouchable :- ) They
      know well enough what they don't want to hear or what they don't
      want their flock to hear. You also get the same thing in science and
      psychology when you have just one or two lone voices who have found
      something new. You get it in all fields. So, there is a big
      different between individuals incredulity and that of a direct cover up
      by large organisations. Two different things altogether. But shooting
      the messenger is as good a name as any for it.

      But one must not fail to see another problem here also; it is the
      problem of TESTIMONY. If you have ONE person making claims which do not
      fit with the establishments zeitgeist then his or her testimony is
      dubious and often goes ignored. And yes, they may well be a crank. But
      it you have thousands of testimonies from many different people and even
      that is hushed up then you have a big human social problem. This is why
      I have always encouraged others to speak up and write. One voice yelling
      into a vacuum is no good at all. But you try getting them to speak up in
      the face of what they know will happen to them. So, that barrier of fear
      has to be eliminated socially. We do not live in open societies. Not yet
      anyway. Will the planet last long enough for that to happen? I
      don't know. But I hope so. Mystical experience does not reveal as to
      how long a planet will last. But if it does not then life still goes on.

      Dick Richardson

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