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Evolution and Instant Conscious Existence?

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  • Dick.
    Evolution and Instant Conscious Existence? [ All different aspects of scientific investigation seeks evidence for the beginning of life, from searching in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2012
      Evolution and Instant Conscious Existence?

      [ All different aspects of scientific investigation seeks evidence for
      the beginning of life, from searching in stagnant ponds and into fossils
      to that of going back in time to the production of material particles
      taking on mass in the early universe. You say that in the ground of
      conscious existence consciousness just instantaneously pops up. How do
      you equate evolution with that? ]

      First, I do not say that Consciousness just pops up from the point of no
      duration and no extension. What I say is that it is experienced to just
      pop up instantaneously. But even that consciousness is nothing like
      what we have here in daily experience. So how did it get from that to
      what it is now in daily life? Evolution. But all this is still within
      you to experience. They call it Mysticism. I don't give a ducks
      arse what they call it. Or what they think when they hear it. It is
      LIFE. And it is coming to know what we are and where we come from. We
      come to know it because we need to know it. I am not looking for
      agreement or confirmation from you are any man. IT IS LIFE and I AM
      LIFE. I am not something was HAS life.

      However, think about it. When you wake up every morning Consciousness
      just pops up. A shift from no consciousness to some kind of
      consciousness just pops up from the experiential point of view, and we
      ARE the observer. Nothing can be conscious of what goes on before
      consciousness pops up. So the Point of NO duration and no conscious
      existence cannot be known by a conscious being, an observer.
      Consciousness in the Ground of Being, although it can be known and
      experienced will always be a mystery. There will always be mystery.

      Now, scientists are NOT going to find this. They will not find it in
      ponds or in rocks or by going back in physical time; they are not going
      to find it in material particles EVER. IPSO. Science CANNOT find out
      what life is and where it comes from. They might find the first signs of
      life on earth however.

      How does evolution come about? By WAR. Not peace. Take a look inside a
      single cell; it is one long war with viruses which are trying to destroy
      the cell every second of its existence. One is evolving to overcome the
      other all the time. To the virus the cell is like a giant universe. We
      call the cell the good guys and the virus the bad guys. But without the
      bad guys we would not evolve. Look at the war between organised systems
      (using cyberspace) and that of hackers trying to bring it all down?
      Same thing. The good guys and the bad guys. All the time this war goes
      on we learn more and understand more and can do more – EVOLUTION.
      NOT stagnation. Take a look at the complexity of human civilisations, it
      is always a war. Look what we learned and did during WW2.

      This is not about gods and demons at war it is about organised energy
      unfolding from the point of no duration and no extension. Take a look at
      your own physical body and brain (it is our spacetime machine, we could
      not be here without it) it is the most amazing and complex machine in
      the known universe. But the body and brain is not YOU, it is not
      Consciousness and it does not produce life and consciousness. It
      MEDIATES it. It conducts it like a wire conducts electricity. The brain
      and body is not simply a transmitter it is also a receiver. But I AM the
      driver at the helm. I AM the rudder of the boat. How the deuce can
      consciousness exist in Time and then change? It is a struggle. It is
      EMENATION and THEN Evolution. Something cannot emanate from nothing, and
      something cannot BE nothing. There is no such things as NOTHING.
      NOTHING cannot EXIST. Only SOMETHING can exist. The physical universe
      does not come from NOTHING. I do not come from NOTHING. Also time
      BEGINS when consciousness comes on the scene. Hence I AM the Watcher at
      the Gates of Dawn. The first thing to be brought forth from the point of
      no duration in the Ground of Being (the GOB). FACT. And it is
      experienced to be a FACT. Empiric evidence. I always demand evidence of
      something. Don't you? The evidence is within you and all around you.
      Do you see it? When you look do you see?

      Listen to scientists and then judge for yourself. Listen to religionists
      and priestcrafty and judge for yourself. Listen to a Mystics and judge
      for yourself. Then carry on experiencing and see which mob was right.
      But best of all – look to yourself and study that. For you are life.
      But have you seen it all yet? There is always tomorrow you know, you
      ain't done yet. Tell your grandchildren that you walked some of the
      way with a mystic. You will not find many of them as yet. One day maybe.
      A New Man is coming in consensus terms; but not yet.

      Oh, by way. The New Homo will not simply know what it is and where it
      comes from (which you learn in GOB) but it will also know where it is
      going and WHY (which you DONT learn in the GOB) you learn that another
      way. But that is a bridge too far as yet.

      Dick Richardson

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